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Your Guide to Energy Efficient Windows For Florida Homes

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Windows are a pivotal piece of any home. They provide natural light and ventilation and play an important role in energy efficiency.

There are three methods to upgrade your windows’ efficiency:

  1. sealant
  2. curtains
  3. insulated glass

Upgrading your existing windows can save you a lot of money on your energy bill each month.

Seal Your Windows to Improve Energy Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your drafty windows by sealing them. You can use a sealant to fill in the cracks and crevices around your window frame. A proper seal will help keep the cool AC inside during the hot Florida summer. Sealant is a quick and easy way to improve your windows’ efficiency.

When applying sealant around your windows, you should choose a clear multipurpose sealant. You can either seal the area around the exterior side of the window or between the interior window trim and the wall. Either way, insulate your windows to improve their efficiency and lower energy costs.

Sealing Between the Interior Window Trim and Wall

If you’re going the D.I.Y route, you’ll need a few things. An indoor/outdoor sealant, insulation, utility knife, putty knife, caulk gun, and a wet rag are all needed for this project. 

First, you should remove the trim around the window. You can do this by wedging your putty knife between the window frame and wall and pulling the nails out of the wall. Do this all around the frame until it comes loose, and you can easily pull it off.

Next, remove any loose insulation between the frame and the wall. Replace the old insulation with new. This is an excellent opportunity to add foam insulation to fill the gap.

Once the foam has expanded and dries, remove any excess insulation with your utility until it is flush with the wall. Once the area is clean around the framing, you can reattach the trim.

Finally, seal the gaps. Clean out any debris in the gaps between the trim. Slowly apply the sealant around the window’s trim and smooth the sealant with a finishing tool or your utility knife. Allow the sealant time to settle and dry, which is around 30 minutes. Then you can paint if needed.

Add Curtains to Create an Energy-Efficient Window

Another way to improve your windows’ efficiency is by installing energy-saving curtains. Curtains will help keep out the sun’s heat during the summer while locking in the nice AC. There are various types of energy-saving curtains available on the market. Choose ones that fit best with your home’s décor.

Insulated Cellular Shades

We recommend trying insulated cellular shades. This type of energy-efficient window covering is designed to have the highest R-Value of any other kind of window curtain or covering.

What’s an R-Value? The R-Value is the rate of thermal resistance. The higher the R-Value, the more efficient the product is at reducing heat loss.

Blackout Curtains

Another type of energy-saving curtain is a blackout curtain. These curtains are designed to block out light completely. They are great for adding comfort, privacy, and increasing energy savings.

During the warmer months, they can reduce unwanted solar radiation heath through windows and improve thermal protection up to 60% with proper installation.

Replacing Single-Pane Windows and Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

The third way to improve your windows’ efficiency is by upgrading them with energy-efficient glass. There are a variety of different types of energy-saving glass on the market, including Low-E glass and argon gas-filled panes.

Low-e coating is designed to reflect heat into the room while blocking harsh ultraviolet rays from entering during the summer months. They cost more than regular windows but can improve your home’s energy performance and reduce energy usage by 30-50%. The low-E coating helps reduce how much visible light is emitted through the glass panes during daytime hours.

Storm Windows

You may also consider Low-e glass storm windows when replacing your existing windows. Storm energy-saving windows are great for your budget as they cost about 1/3 of what full replacement windows cost. You can also find storm windows that match your decor and are aesthetically pleasing.

Storm energy-efficient windows are great for reducing heat transfer, reducing noise pollution, reducing heating and cooling costs, and keeping your home comfortable all year round. When searching for energy-efficient windows options, consider researching Energy Star rated products.

Argon gas fills gaps between window panes that may otherwise allow air leakage. This prevents cold air from escaping during hot summer days. Argon gas-filled windows are not only energy-efficient, but they are also inexpensive.

When choosing new energy-efficient windows, always consider the window’s U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The U-factor measures the rate at which a window allows for non-solar heat to flow through it. The SHGC measure solar radiation allowed through the window.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

There are many benefits to upgrading to energy-efficient windows.

  • You can save money on energy bills each month by lowering energy consumption.
  • It will improve the curb appeal of your home and its ability to sell quicker.
  • You can enjoy a more comfortable living environment with less noise pollution from outside sources.
  • Less energy is good for the environment and leaves less of a carbon footprint.
  • Energy-efficient window installation could qualify you for energy rebates or incentives.

Energy Monster is Your Go-To Energy Expert

There’s no one more knowledgeable and experienced than our team at Energy Monster when it comes to energy efficiency. We are here to answer any of your questions regarding increasing the energy efficiency in your home. How can we help lower your heating bills? Ask our team about scheduling a home energy assessment. We can pinpoint the most vulnerable areas of your home and design a plan to increase its comfort.

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