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With Mass Save – Insulating Your Home is a No-Brainer



Staying warm in frigid weather means dressing in warm, thick layers to keep out freezing wind and dropping temperatures. No, we’re not talking about you; we’re talking about your home! A well-insulated home is also an energy-efficient home, keeping everyone inside cozy while using less energy. Insulation also helps to keep heat out during the summer, so you run the air conditioner less frequently, too.

Where to Add Insulation

It might be easier to talk about where not to insulate. Slab and concrete floors are not good candidates, neither are open-beam ceilings and some types of cathedral ceilings. Also as skylights, windows, and doors cannot be insulated over, so opt for double-pane insulated glass, insulated doors, and insulating shades to help keep the heat where you want it. 

Those exceptions aside, insulation can be added just about anywhere. The attic is always the first choice because, as heat rises, it is the first place that heat will escape. Plus, the easy access allows for maximum additions. Floors can be insulated, too, especially the space between the main floor and a basement. Exterior walls will always benefit from additional insulation, along with any walls adjacent to an unheated space (i.e. the garage).

Don’t Let Cost Stand in Your Way

Did you know that you could get an instant rebate on 75% of your insulation costs – up to a total of $2,000 – through the Mass Save program? If that’s not enough to convince you that upgrades are affordable, here are a few more incentives:

No-Cost Home Energy Assessment. A qualified Energy Monster Advisor will inspect your home and create a customized home energy report to show you where you can save.

No-Cost Air Sealing. Prepare your home for the addition of insulation by sealing up leaks and gaps that cost you money.

0% HEAT Loan. Enjoy no interest for up to seven years on qualified energy efficiency upgrades up to $25,000, subject to credit approval.

These incentives mean that you could potentially have no upfront costs for adding insulation to your home. On average, our customers spend between $500 and $1,500 to perform these upgrades, with larger homes ending up on the higher end of the scale.

If you take advantage of the HEAT Loan, you can spread this cost over seven years – that’s less than $18 per month for a $1,500 loan! Your monthly energy savings will probably cover more than these small payments. In fact, the EPA estimates that you can save up to 20% of your heating and cooling costs by sealing your home tightly and adding insulation. The result: no money out of your pocket and a comfortable, efficient home.

Some Multi-Family Homes Still Qualify

If you think you’re out of luck because you live in a multi-family home, think again. The Mass Save rebates are eligible for split-family homes that are four units or less. These types of homes usually need only attic insulation keeping costs to a minimum while still providing substantial energy savings. Plus, HEAT Loans are available to homeowners of every type as long as the utilities are individually metered.

Schedule Your No-Cost Energy Assessment Today

Energy Monster is a Mass Save provider, so your rebates are instant – we’ll even handle all the rebate paperwork for you. All you have to do is sign up for your No-Cost Home Energy Assessment today. We’ll handle the rest.

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