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3 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

ways to keep your house cool


It doesn’t take a true New Englander to know that the weather in Massachusetts is extremely unpredictable. One day, it’s hot. The next day, it’s scorching. The day after that is cold and rainy. Don’t even get us started on humidity! The constant change in weather makes picking out your outfit in the morning difficult, never mind thinking of ways to keep your house cool. Fortunately, we’ve done all the legwork for you. Here’s how to deal with the crazy weather without going actually crazy.

Get a home energy audit.

An hour of your afternoon can save you a lot of time and money all year round. Think about it:

The average American household spends $2,500 annually on energy. But did you know that getting a home energy audit can save you up to 35% on your energy bills? That means you could save $875 a year with a few improvements around your home.

During your Mass Save energy audit, our team will go through your home, room by room with you to test where your problem areas are lurking. Not only do we help you diagnose the problem, but we also help you fix it.

Seal the problem areas.

You may think you run a tight ship, but you’d be surprised to know how much air is leaking out of your home. It’s possible that all of that conditioned air your A/C pumped out is literally being thrown out of the window or shown the door. Luckily, the solution is quick and easy. Take advantage of our no-cost air sealing/duct sealing services during your home energy audit. It’s easier than running down to the home improvement store and spending an hour trying to figure out what kind of caulking and weatherstripping you need.

Invest in a dehumidifier.

We understand that the worst part of summer isn’t the heat; it’s the humidity. On days when it’s not too hot but still pretty humid, try replacing your air conditioning with some fans and a dehumidifier. While the temperature of your home might not change much, your family will feel a lot more comfortable. Try not to run both your A/C and your dehumidifier at the same time. In theory, they should work better together because the less humid the air is, the less energy it takes to cool it down. The problem is that a dehumidifier often increases the room’s temperature by a few degrees, which would make your A/C unit work harder. If it’s a hot and humid day, your A/C running alone will be fine because it has a built-in dehumidifier. Having a partner in crime allows your A/C to take a break, meaning less wear and tear plus cheaper energy bills.

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