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The Cure for Those Drafty Windows



Want to save money and stay warm this winter? Properly insulating your windows will help keep the heated air from your HVAC system in your house and prevent chill and nasty drafts from ruining your home comfort. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are aware of how important window insulation can be. In fact, an estimated $25 billion in heated air is wasted by United States homeowners through poorly insulated window leaks. Avoid becoming a part of this statistic, and consider implementing the following helpful tips for home window insulation:

Sealing Drafty Windows

One of the best and easiest methods for improving the insulation quality of your home’s windows is to use caulk and weatherstripping around the gaps and cracks running along the edges of both the inside and outside of the frames and glass. To ensure all of your windows and doors are properly and efficiently sealed for maximum energy savings, contact the experts at Energy Monster for a personal home energy assessment. In some states, such a thorough energy assessment and window and door sealing assistance are provided free of charge.

Applying Window Insulation Film

Plastic window insulation film is a relatively new product that offers excellent energy-saving results. Also, available online or at your local hardware store, these window insulation kit comes in the form of a long roll of plastic film. Simply measure and cut this film according to the length and width of your window and stretch it over the desired area. A hairdryer can then be used to remove wrinkles and help the plastic greater adhere to the window. This shrink-wrap solution will help keep your heated air inside, reduce condensation, and prevent frost from building up on the outside of your windows.

Upgrading Your Windows

For a more permanent and year-round solution to drafts and home energy loss, you may want to consider upgrading your household’s windows. Today’s market offers a myriad of more efficient window and window frame solutions. Storm windows are an excellent home improvement project as they offer as much as a 50 percent reduction in a building’s heat loss. These windows work by providing an extra layer of protection from drafts while also helping to contain and reduce condensation. Some states even offer special rebates and tax incentives for the installation of these energy-saving windows and other home energy improvement projects. You can contact us at Energy Monster for help on discovering what rebates and tax incentives apply to you in your area.

Decorate and Insulate with Curtains and Shades

Adding drapes, shades, or curtains to your home’s windows is an excellent way to both improve the decor of any given room and reduce your home’s energy loss. The most effective treatment of this type is to add cellular shades, sometimes called honeycomb shades. These specially designed home accents allow the layers to form pockets of air when the shades are lowered and put into use. These air pockets act as an extra barrier (much like the aforementioned storm windows) between the inside and outside of your home. As an extra bonus, cellular shades additionally help reduce outside noises from interrupting the comfort of your home.

For help on implementing the above energy-saving window solutions in your home, or for more information about improving your home’s overall energy efficiency, contact the energy saving experts at Energy Monster today.

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