12087 62nd St N Suite 2, Largo, FL 33773

“I can’t praise this company enough. We got in touch with energy monster via masssave. They did a very professional assessment about a month ago also replacing all light bulbs (even hard to reach ones). Today was my insulation and sealant installation and we discovered what we thought was our brand new roof leaking in one room of the house yesterday. I gave the heads up to energy monster and they still came today to take a look at that room and complete the rest of the house. They did an excellent job with everything and were super professional. Not only did they complete their job, they also identified that the leak we had was not a roof leak, but a burst pipe. We have a plumber on the way, instead of waiting for our roofing contractor to be able to find time to come back in a couple weeks. Thank you Energy Monster you have a great crew!”