12087 62nd St N Suite 2, Largo, FL 33773

“Tired of getting gouged by ever-inflating electricity and propane prices, we decided to go solar and chose EnergyMonster as our partner.
I won’t ding EM on a star for this but we were a bit disheartened when the installation didn’t begin until months after the contract was signed so we missed out on a summer’s worth of solar production. In every other regard, however, EnergyMonster didn’t disappoint.
The engineer on our project was very insightful, tech savvy, and up-to-date on all things solar. He was also involved in the sales process which was valuable to both myself and EM.
Typical Solar companies lack in this regard as they just send out pitch-men with a script. Dan G. is at top of the top of his class and was able to address each and every concern.
A team of just two, very hardworking, individuals performed the 38-panel installation in a little over a week. They were very kind, courteous, and worked around our schedule.
The electrical work was phenomena: extremely clean, organized, and tightly-knit.
Overall, the EnergyMonster team is comprised of down-to-earth people which is very refreshing these days. Additionally, EM provides the latest and greatest technology which others do not (despite what they may pitch to you).
I would highly recommend over competing companies such as Tesla/Solar City (the Wal-Mart of Solar) as these guys truly know their stuff and remain passionate.”