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Solar Panel Tax Credits: Get Them Before They Disappear

solar panel tax credit

solar panel tax credit

Have you ever considered installing solar panels for your home? There are a lot of benefits to solar – you can lower your energy bills and feel good about using an energy source that is better for the environment. However, lots of people put off making the switch because solar is a such a big investment. Especially in the summertime, (when the kids are out of school and families are looking to spend their money on vacations and water parks), the thought of paying for solar panels can seem daunting. The good news is that there are solar panel tax credits which can help you to cover the cost of solar installation.

Get Your Solar Panel Tax Credits Before They’re Gone!

So what are tax credits, and how can they help you pay for solar? Simply put, Massachusetts has incentives in place to help citizens go solar. Why? They want you to do it! Solar is more energy efficient, better for the environment, and it is sustainable. Going solar isn’t only great for you, it’s great for the world we live in. To get more people on board, Massachusetts offers tax credits, tax exemptions, and loans to cover the cost of the panels.

Some examples include the renewable energy income tax credit which covers 15% of the system cost up to $1000, the Mass Solar Loan program which helps to finance the purchase with a fixed rate low-interest loan, and MA solar tax exemptions which ensure that the homeowner does not pay sales or property tax on the panels. And these aren’t the only ones out there; take a look at this list of MA solar incentives.

As great as these resources are, they won’t be around forever. They were created because the government wanted to get more people to use solar power, and they worked! Solar energy has grown so much that these solar incentives are disappearing. This means that before long the cost of going solar will be on the rise, and it will be more difficult to make the switch.

If you’ve ever considered going solar, now is the time. Solar energy is efficient and renewable; it can help the environment while saving you money on your electricity bills. Do your research and ask questions about solar installation.

If you’re ready to make the switch, call Energy Monster for your free solar consultation. We’ll help you to figure out if your home is a good candidate for solar, develop an installation plan, and help you to take advantage of these valuable rebates. Schedule your consultation now!

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