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Solar Energy – It’s Ready To Boom in Florida


florida-solarFlorida’s abundance of sunny days make it a prime location for the use of clean, quiet, and renewable solar panels. Solar energy is the ideal eco-friendly solution, and is perfect for remaining sustainable in post-hurricane outages. Unfortunately, our Sunshine State has long lagged behind nationally when it comes to the amount of solar panels utilized by homeowners and businesses. That is until now.

Recent changes in solar business models, federal and state tax credits and rebates, and the plummeting prices of solar equipment prices are introducing a new wave of home energy efficiency opportunities. Interested in joining the fray? Here are some interesting facts to know about switching your home or business electrical usage from traditional to solar energy:

Is solar the right home energy solution for me?

  • Finding the right location. Florida property owners are great candidates for solar energy given the abundance of direct sun exposure with relatively few fully overcast days. The bigger question for Florida homeowners is to consider where the panels might best be mounted on the ground or roof. Do you have an area with good southern exposure and little daily shading?
  • Current vs. future utility bills. One of the reasons Florida has lagged behind other states in regards to the solar industry is due to our nationally low electricity costs. For many property owners, it just didn’t make financial sense to switch over. But traditional electricity costs are steadily rising, and if you currently pay over $100 in monthly energy costs, then now is an ideal time to consider solar energy.
  • Taking advantage of current federal and state benefits. Many homeowners are making the shift to solar energy in the upcoming years to take advantage of limited federal tax credits and state benefits. If you install a solar-based system before December 2020, you’ll receive a 26 percent federal income tax credit. This credit is applicable for both equipment and professional installation costs. Additionally, Floridians benefit from being exempt from paying state sales and use taxes on any components utilized in a solar energy system. While it currently takes an estimated up to 9 years for property owners to recoup the start-up costs of solar installation, with the rising costs of traditional electricity, within ten years that period will drop to as little as two years.
  • Starting small. Of course, you don’t have to start a new home energy efficiency plan with a complete transition to solar energy. Many homeowners and businesses are opting to start small, beginning with the installation of a solar water heater, or including enough panels to power certain appliances, such as an extra freezer and lighting in an attached garage or mother-in-law suite.

For more information about rethinking your home energy efficiency with the introduction of solar energy, contact us at Energy Monster today. We’ll help you walk through the financial and solar options to find the right solution for your home or business.

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