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Questions about the MASS Saves Program

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Do I qualify for Mass Save?

The Mass Save program contains two income-based programs that offer no-cost or discounted products and services to eligible participants. Apart from your household income, your eligibility for the program also depends on the number of your household members.

The Enhanced Residential program is for people with incomes ranging between around $39,000 and $141,000. The program includes a free insulation upgrade and incentives for related projects.

The Income Eligible Program works within a similar range, with eligible individuals having between $39,000 and $106,000 in total household income. This program includes rebates for purchases of new home appliances like window AC units, dehumidifiers, heating systems, freezers, refrigerators, and clothes washers, as well as no-cost air sealing and insulation upgrades.

You can see the exact breakdown of the eligibility levels based on household income and household members below:

Will Mass Save have rebates in 2021?

The Mass Save program continues its work in 2021 as well, offering rebates and incentives that help homeowners, landlords, and renters become more energy efficient. Currently, you can get rebates on heating and cooling equipment, home insulation, lighting, appliances, and certain smart upgrades.

How long do Mass rebates take?

Once you apply for an incentive, you need to wait for your claim to be processed and approved. After it’s confirmed that the home addition or renovation has been completed, you can usually expect to receive your incentive check after 10 to 12 weeks.

How do I contact Mass Save?

Mass Save incentives, services, and programs are sponsored by energy efficiency service providers and electric and natural gas utility companies. If you want to make a service call or have any questions regarding your account, you can contact the customer service at your energy efficiency service provider or utility company.

Where is my Mass Save rebate?

If you’ve applied for a residential rebate and want to check the status of your application, you can call 800-232-0672. If you are working with Energy Monster, please contact us. We complete all necessary paperwork to be sure you get your rebate.

How does Mass Save loan work?

The Mass Save program offers 0% interest loans for home energy upgrades. You may be eligible for an interest-free financing opportunity for project values up to $25,000, if you’re interested in making energy-efficient upgrades to your home — such as insulation, heat pumps, central A/C, water heating equipment, etc.

If you want to learn more, call 866-527-SAVE and schedule your free home energy assessment. A representative from Mass Save will get you all of the information on financing options via the Mass Save loan program.

Does Mass Save pay for Windows?

If you apply for the Mass Save HEAT Loan, you can use it for window replacements. While this isn’t the first project that springs to mind when it comes to energy efficiency, upgrading your windows can mean sizable energy savings due to the elimination of drafts.

Does Mass Save cover central air?

Yes, Mass Save sponsors offer a variety of incentives and rebates to residential customers who want to install energy-efficient central air conditioning equipment. They offer rebates for central heat pumps as well.

Does Mass Save cover oil tanks?

Winter energy costs can be drastically reduced by switching to high-efficiency modern heating equipment. And apart from the monthly savings on bills, eligible program participants can save on the equipment expenses via the Mass Save program — with rebates for this going up to $800.

Among other things, these rebates are available for the purchases and installation of oil water heating equipment as well.

Does Mass Save help with roofs?

Yes. If you want to prevent your roof from heating up in the summer months, you can reinsulate your attic and save a lot of energy on cooling in the process. The insulation will stop the heat flowing from your roof to your attic and down to the floors below.

Mass Save offers lists of associated contractors that can give you a free home energy assessment and no-cost installation of air sealing and insulation. Depending on your household, you may qualify for 75% off insulation improvements or 100% off.

Is Mass Save Free?

Yes, the initial home energy assessment that determines a home’s eligibility for Mass Save programs is really free. Mass Save customers bear additional costs, barring the energy efficiency fee that they’re already paying as part of their monthly utility bills.

Is Energy Monster a Mass Saves contractor?

Yes, Energy Monster is a contractor affiliated with Mass Save!

What does Mass Save pay for?

Mass Save cooperates with certified HPCs (Home Performance Coordinators) and IICs (Independent Installation Contractors) to help people get home energy assessments, air sealing installations, and insulation. It also offers rebates for a number of energy-efficient products and services.

How do I sign up for Mass Save?

If you want to sign up for a Mass Save rebate, you can call Energy Monster and schedule a free home energy assessment.

Who runs the Mass Save program?

Mass Save was founded as a collaboration of electric and natural gas utility companies in Massachusetts, as well as energy efficiency service providers. These include Unitil, National Grid, Liberty Utilities, Eversource, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, Cape Light Compact, Blackstone Gas Company, and Berkshire Gas.

Does Mass Save help with solar panels?

Mass Save sponsors don’t offer rebates for the installation of solar panels. However, Energy Monster is a third-party and will help you get approved for state programs in Massachusetts that can help you lower the upfront costs of going solar. The Massachusetts Solar Loan Program provides an income-based loan support, for example.

How long are Mass Save loans?

The Mass Save Heat Loan can provide you between $2,000 and $50,000 with zero interest and a 12-to-84 month repayment period. Owner-occupied residences with a specific number of family members qualify.

How long does it take to get approved for a Mass Save HEAT loan?

The time it takes to process your application for a Mass Save HEAT loan depends on when you’ve submitted it (the time of year), what kind of financing you’re looking for, and how complete your paperwork is. On average, the processing time is between two and seven business days. Just make sure that you’ve received your authorization form from Mass Save Program before applying for any related loan.

Will Mass Save install a thermostat?

If you buy a smart and Energy-Star-Rated thermostat in a retail store, the Mass Save program can provide you with a rebate of up to $100. Take a look at the Mass Save shopping guide to find the best discounted smart thermostats, and call 866-527-7283 to set up an appointment for your free installation.

Also, a smart thermostat can be enrolled in the Connected Solutions program — you’ll receive a $25 incentive for enrollment, plus an annual $20 for each thermostat you connect to your central air conditioner. By doing this, you help lower electric use in times of high energy demand, such as scorching summer days.

Does Mass Save help with a furnace?

The Mass Save program always tries to help you save money by giving you more cost-effective energy usage options. The program provides rebates going up to $1,750 for furnace and AC unit replacements with that in mind.

Does Mass Save Do condos?

Residential facilities housing five or more dwelling units are eligible for the Multi-Family program — and this includes condominium associations as well.

Are Mass Save rebates taxable?

As a program participant, you may be subject to tax liability for the goods and services obtained through the program per federal or state income tax codes.

Can renters use Mass Save?

Seeing as Mass Save includes a renter initiative, renters can have easier access to no-cost energy-saving incentives, starting with a free home energy assessment.

Is Mass Save legitimate?

In short, yes — Mass Save is the result of an association of well-known utility companies and providers of energy-saving services. The program is funded by the consumers’ payments of the energy efficiency charges that they have on their electric bills.

How long does a home energy assessment take?

A home energy assessment performed by Energy Monster, a Mass Saves contractor, will help you cut down on monthly energy expenses, and it doesn’t take more than a couple of hours. Once an Energy Specialist arrives at your home, they will assess your current energy usage and start by installing some energy-saving products for free.

Then, you’ll get a custom-tailored list of recommendations for further energy saving — specifically made for your household. Furthermore, the energy specialist will help you by developing a plan for your home to become as energy efficient as possible — including recommendations on incentives and rebates.

Bear in mind that all household decision-makers should be at your house during the assessment, including at least one person over the age of eighteen.

How does Mass Save choose Energy Specialists?

Every Mass Save Energy Specialist has a Building Analyst certification from the Building Performance Institute — the premier standard-setting, quality assurance, and credentialing institution for home performance professionals. Energy Monster is an approved energy specialist.

Can my project be inspected after completion?

Yes, all potentially eligible projects can be inspected after they’ve been completed as well. Inspections for quality assurance are provided at no cost, and you can schedule one by calling 1-866-527-SAVE. Furthermore, the program facilitates random third-party inspections of home energy assessments and weatherization work to ensure quality. And these are separate inspections, independent from any mandated by local building codes.

How does Mass Save determine my energy efficiency recommendations?

All recommendations made by Mass Save are based on a framework of building science standards provided by the BPI (Building Performance Institute). Over the course of the energy efficiency assessment, the Mass Save Energy Specialists review appliances, air sealing, insulation, lighting, water (and other) heating systems, and cooling.

How are prices for Mass Save improvements determined?

The prices for insulation and air sealing improvements are set by the sponsors of Mass Save — the energy efficiency service providers and utility companies. The weatherization prices stay the same no matter what contractor you choose for qualified improvements.

Home Performance Contractors are also at liberty to provide recommendations for other services or energy-related equipment outside of the program — these are priced at the contractor’s discretion. If the contractors provide these additional services, they may request additional payment according to agreed-upon prices between the contractor and the customer.

Also, Mass Save does not set prices for the following services:

  • Windows
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar panel systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Water heating systems

Can I pick my own contractor for recommended improvements?

Yes, the Mass Saves program allows you to choose between the Independent Installation Contractors certified by Mass Save. Energy Monster is a highly rated contractor and is ready to get your free consultation scheduled today so that you can start saving money as soon as possible.

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