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Why Moisture Problems Create Big Issues for Florida Residents

Moisture Problems

Moisture Problems

Moisture problems in the home present a double-edged sword. First, there’s the damage to the structure of your home. From deterioration to pest infestation, keeping your home dry will prevent a cascade of moisture problems. There’s also your health and the well being of your family to consider. Whether it’s a mold allergy or conditions such as asthma that can be exacerbated by moisture, it’s time to identify where to find these problems and how to solve them.

Finding Moisture Problems In Your Home

In the hot and humid Florida climate, mold can quickly become a serious issue. It’s also difficult to pin down because it likes to hide in dark and damp places that you might not be checking very often. Here are a few places to keep an eye on in your home:

  • Underground. Basements and crawl spaces create the perfect environment for mold to grow. From condensation to leaky foundations, a smelly and muggy underground space is a recipe for disaster.
  • Plumbing Systems. Condensation can quickly build on cold water pipes and cool toilet tanks. The resulting drips can create moisture on porous surfaces like walls and floors.
  • Walls & Floors. From mildewed carpet to soggy drywall, mold and mildew can grow on most of your home’s structural surfaces. It can also start growing inside the walls and on the underlayment beneath carpeting and wood flooring.
  • Attics & Storage. Mildewed clothing, stale food, and rusty canned goods can all result from excess moisture in your storage areas.
  • Air & HVAC System. When your surfaces and structures are moldy and mildewed, spores can also become airborne and create breathing problems for those with allergies and illnesses.

An Ounce of Prevention

The key to keeping mold and mildew from becoming a problem in your home is moisture control. Keeping your home air-conditioned is one way to keep moisture from the air from becoming a problem. If you do not have AC, then it’s important to keep the air in your home moving as circulation will help create drier conditions. Fans and dehumidifiers will help dry the air and be sure that storage areas aren’t too tightly packed to allow for proper circulation.

Spray foam insulation in your basement, walls, and around plumbing fixtures will help prevent condensation from forming, and vapor barriers will stop moisture from the ground getting into crawl spaces and your home. Duct sealing and regular duct cleaning will also ensure that the air in your HVAC system remains clean and healthy.

If leaking or flooding creates water damage in your home, drying the areas out within 48 hours will prevent mold growth. Move rugs and furniture outside if possible to dry in the sun. Powerful fans can be rented to blow on walls and other large areas to expedite moisture removal.

When You Need a Cure

If moisture and mold have already become a problem in your home, cleaning up the affected areas and fixing the water problem are essential. If you notice small areas of mold, it’s usually possible to remedy the problem yourself with the right equipment. For example, small areas of carpeting mold can be cleaned with a shampooer, and wood flooring can usually be scrubbed and treated with a disinfectant. Hard surfaces can be scrubbed and bleached, and small areas of drywall can be treated with disinfectant.

When you discover large areas of mold, or when the structure of your home is involved, it’s time to call for professional mold remediation. Moldy carpet padding, mildewed drywall, and rotting wood all point to a professional cleaning, repair, or replacement.

Stopping Moisture in its Tracks

At Energy Monster, we’re committed to keeping Florida homeowners safe and healthy. We’re experts in home energy efficiency and comfort, and we’ll help you solve moisture problems in your home. Duct sealing, air sealing, and insulation will help keep your family comfortable all year long while also protecting your home from rot and mold damage.

Plus, added insulation will keep your home more comfortable while boosting the quality of your indoor air. The result is a dry, comfortable home, and lower energy bills so you can breathe easy. To learn more about a dry and healthy home from Energy Monster, sign up for your free, no obligation Spray Foam Insulation Consultation today!

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