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The Main Causes of Leaking Skylights & How to Fix Them

leaking skylights

leaking skylights

Everyone likes the look of a nice skylight. They let the sun shine right into your home, brightening your living space and keeping it warmer in those cold winter months. But what if your skylight is letting in more than sunlight? Don’t let it rain inside your home, read on for the main causes of leaking skylights and how to fix them.

What Causes Leaking Skylights?

Cause #1: Improper Installation

It’s pretty hard for a part of your home to function properly if it was never installed right in the first place. If you think your skylights were installed incorrectly, call in a professional to make necessary adjustments. They can add an air and watertight seal around the skylight itself, which will help to prevent any future leaks from happening.

Skylights that aren’t installed correctly can also allow warm air to creep into your home, making it hotter in the summer. Learn how to keep your home cool when you have skylights.

Cause #2: Problems on the Roof

One reason for seepage could be that the roof around your skylight isn’t sealed properly. It could also be that there’s a problem with the flashing, which is intended to direct water around openings and not through them. If you suspect that your leaks are happening because of a roofing problem, then call in a roofing specialist to help. A specialist will safely diagnose and repair any problem areas, without you having to put yourself at risk up on the roof.

Cause #3: Melting Snow

Those of us who live in New England know better than to assume that spring temperatures mean the end of winter weather. If snow is melting on or around your skylight, that water could come right into your home. If you don’t already have one, buy– and use– a roof rake. Regular use will keep snow off of your roof and prevent ice dams, which will better protect your skylights against potential leaks.

Cause #4: Improper Insulation

A lack of insulation around your skylights could be to blame for water damage. Without proper insulation, the space around your skylights is vulnerable to different kinds of problems, including corrosion and condensation. The only real way to diagnose what’s wrong is by process of elimination. If you’re handy, you can start to isolate the issue by cutting away some of the drywall near your skylights. As always, don’t hesitate to call in reputable contractors who can help to identify and fix any problem areas.

If your skylights are leaking, don’t try to guess the root cause. For help with skylights or other energy efficiency issues in your home, schedule your no-cost home energy assessment with Energy Monster. Your home energy adviser will find areas in your home that need help and work with you to get them fixed.
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