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Is a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment Really Free?

mass save home energy assessment free

Helping Residents Save Energy

Is a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment Really Free?

mass save home energy assessment free

Did you know that in Massachusetts you can receive an assessment of your home’s energy usage (and a plan for improvements) at no cost? It’s called the Mass Save home energy assessment, and it aims to reduce your home’s energy usage with a simple 1.5-2 hour inspection.

For many homeowners, the promise of a no-cost energy assessment, that can save you money and energy sounds far too good to be true!

Why does Mass Save use the term “no-cost?” That might sound like “free.” Does it mean the same thing, or will there be surprise fees when your auditor comes to your home? No one likes ambiguity, so let’s get to the bottom of it: is an energy assessment really free?

Why Does Mass Save Call it “No-Cost” and Not “Free”?

The short answer: a Mass Save home energy assessment is not free, because you’ve been paying for it all along through your monthly utility bill as part of your electricity costs.

This might come as a surprise if you don’t inspect your bill every month. Like most people, you likely have neither the time nor the inclination to figure out what each and every charge is for; you just check the amount due and the due date, then pay it. But let’s take a closer look to understand where exactly your hard-earned money is going.

If you take a closer look at your utility bill, you’ll find a charge for “energy efficiency,” like in the example shown here:

mass save energy audit

(Image credit: National Grid)

This is a repeating charge that all Massachusetts residents are paying each and every month. So what is it, what does it fund, and most importantly why are you paying for it?

This charge is designed to fund the Mass Save program, Massachusetts’ energy efficiency initiative. Sponsored by several gas utility companies, and electric utility providers in the state, Mass Save aims to reduce energy usage in Massachusetts homes and businesses. To do this, they offer a wide range of energy efficiency services and incentives, including Mass Save rebates and the no-cost home energy assessment.

The monthly charge on your bill makes this all possible. Therefore, a home energy assessment isn’t “free” because you’re already paying for the service every month. Instead, Mass Save uses the term “no-cost.” This means that when you have an assessment done in your own home, you don’t have to pay any additional costs or fees.

You’re already paying for your assessment. Isn’t it time you take advantage of it? Energy Monster can help. We are a qualified Mass Save contractor dedicated to helping you save money at no cost! Schedule your home energy assessment with Energy Monster today.

Schedule Your Home Energy Audit with Mass Save Partner Energy Monster

Not sure whether you’re ready to take that step? Read on to learn about the benefits of receiving your no-cost assessment.

Benefits of a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment

Now you know how an energy assessment is paid for, but how does an audit work? Why should you have an assessment done in your own home?

How it works: When you schedule a home energy assessment, an energy technician will come to your home and investigate it from top to bottom for areas of energy inefficiency. This may include problems with your heating or air conditioning, air leaks, insufficient insulation, and more. Additionally, instant energy-saving products will be installed during the assessment as needed (and at no cost!):

  • Smart power strips
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Faucet aerators
  • Digital programmable thermostat

To learn more about the process, watch our appearance on the Round Table Radio to hear us describe the assessment, including what your contractor is looking for and what you can expect.

Your auditor won’t just inspect your home and leave. After your assessment, you’ll receive a custom report of your home’s energy usage, from the basement to the attic, detailing where you’re wasting energy.

Your report will also come with recommendations for any and all repairs and upgrades you may wish to make. This may include insulation updates, air sealing, energy-efficient doors or windows, or updating old, inefficient heating or cooling systems. Your home is unique, so your energy report and recommendations will be customized to your specific needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can then fix the problem areas yourself or hire a professional to get the job done.

If you choose to hire a Mass Save contractor, he or she will help you to address these problem areas and make your home more energy-efficient. These issues may not be obvious, but they are affecting your home and increasing your energy bill. By sealing up the leaks in your home, your technician can help you to stop money from leaking out of your wallet; these updates could help you save as much as 35 percent on your heating and cooling costs each year!

Need another reason? Getting an assessment makes you eligible for additional benefits from Mass Save, including income-based offers and a whole host of products, rebates, and incentives. Here’s what you can potentially look forward to:

Not sure what benefits you qualify for? We can help; when you receive a home energy assessment from Energy Monster, we’ll screen for every available rebate and incentive to make updating your home more affordable. We’ll help you find out which incentives you qualify for, and we’ll even help you do the paperwork!

How to Take the Next Step

The Mass Save home energy assessment is the best way to make an impact on your home’s energy usage and on your monthly energy costs! With so much to gain from only a couple of hours of your time, we think that scheduling an audit is a no-brainer.

Are you ready to take the next step? Schedule your assessment with Energy Monster. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you start saving energy and money right away, and we look forward to helping you reduce your energy usage!

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