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Insulation Contractors: What to Ask Before Hiring One

questions to ask insulation contractors before hiring one

questions to ask insulation contractors before hiring one

Are you looking to insulate your new or existing home in Tampa, FL? Finding an insulation contractor may feel like mission impossible – but it can be done. Start with looking at reviews and gathering recommendations from friends and colleagues. From there, narrow down the top 3-5 insulation contractors you’re interested in learning more about. Then, plan on calling up each contractor to go over the questions below.

General Questions to Ask Insulation Contractors

  • Are you insured? Ask whether they have coverage for property damage and worker’s compensation.
  • Are you licensed? Learn what credentials they’ve earned to prove that they’re trained and capable of completing your insulation job.
  • Can you provide references? Ask to speak to customers they’ve worked with in the past who’ve had insulation needs similar to yours.
  • When are you available to start? When do you work? Insulation contractors can get booked up pretty quickly, especially during peak building seasons. Be sure to ask:
    • When they can start working on your project. For instance, if they’re backed up and can’t start for another three weeks, your overall project timeline may take a big hit.
    • How often they will be on your job site. For example, if the contractors can only work on the weekends, that can make your project take an eternity to complete.
    • When they expect to wrap up your project. Try to get a concrete finish date from the contractors. Keep the deadline in mind if you know of other contractors involved in your project can’t move forward unless the insulation work is completed.
  • What kind of insulation do you use/recommend? There are different types of insulation that are useful for different areas in your home. A good insulation contractor can help you figure out:
    • Where you need to install insulation. Insulation comes in handy nearly everywhere in your Florida home. There are requirements you’ll need to meet to make sure your home is up to building codes/standards.
    • What type of insulation is good for your attic vs. your outer walls – and why. For example, Energy Monster recommends applying spray foam insulation to the inside of your roof to keep air conditioned air inside of your home, along with keeping moisture and mold outside of your home. Both spray foam insulation and kraft-batt insulation are useful options for your outside walls.
    • How much insulation you’ll need to install based on your square footage. Ask if the contractor can give you a price quote.
    • What R-value you’ll need. An insulation’s R-value is an indicator of how well it prevents heat/air escape. Good insulation contractors understand that a Florida home requires a different R-value for insulation than, say, a New England home.

Questions to Ask When Retrofitting an Existing Home with Insulation

  • Will I need to leave my home during/after the insulation installation? If so, for how long? You can install spray foam insulation in an existing home. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that there is a bit of a smell when spray foam is first installed. Spray foam insulation contractors generally recommend that homeowners stay out of their homes for a few days after the installation. Your contractor can work with you to properly ventilate your space so that you can return to your home as quickly as possible.

Tampa residents know and trust Energy Monster for their insulation needs. After you see what they’re saying about our work, take advantage of your free spray foam consultation.

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