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Improve Your Home’s Efficiency – An Overview of the Services Available from Wattson Home Solutions in Florida

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wattson home solutions services floridaLooking to increase the energy efficiency in your home? Ready to lower your energy bills and save some money? If you live in Florida, check out the experts at Wattson Home Solutions and see how we can help you. See below for a short list of the many services we offer and check out our website today to see more.

Air Sealing

A properly air-sealed home is essential for improving energy efficiency.  Air sealing is the process of sealing leaks and gaps in your home. Whenever there is a difference in air temperature between the inside and outside, there will be a pressure differential trying to suck air outside.

Common leaks are typically found around electrical chases as well as plumbing fixtures due to spaces where these two different atmospheres meet; door frames can also be affected by gaps that allow for too much escaping rather than entering properly through ventilation systems Finally, consider air sealing your chimney since the installation may not line up with all other ones within range.

A few things that might cause this issue include improper placement (installation) and cracks along seams or joists. So while we recommend having someone evaluate any potential problem areas before they become serious issues, air sealing is a service that Wattson Home Solutions provides to help homeowners and businesses in Florida who are looking for ways to increase energy efficiency and save money.

Check out more about air sealing on our website today!

Blower Door Tests

Blower door testing measures the airtightness of your home by depressurizing it with a large fan. With Wattson Home Solutions, you will finally know where your home’s air leaks are. The Blower Door Test forces fresh outside air through each room to find the places that conditioned interior or exterior spaces are escaping their responsibilities. Once this information has been revealed by our experts with thermal imaging cameras, we’ll do visual inspections for any signs of leakage.

With this test, you can see the following benefits

  • Better understand your home’s energy loss
  • Reducing energy consumption due to air leakage
  • Avoid moisture condensation problems
  • Get rid of hot air leaking in from the outdoors
  • Improve poor indoor air quality

Our professionals will seal your home’s leaks with caulk, foam, and other materials. We do most installations on a single visit depending upon the size of the home. By doing so, can help you save energy and your home will no longer leak air.

Fill out a request form on our website today and get a blower door test done!

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

At Wattson Home Solutions, we offer our customers energy-efficient windows and doors in Florida. Windows and doors must meet what is called U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) requirements depending on the climate zone you live in. The U-Factor determines how well your doors and windows keep the air inside. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measures how much outside heat is blocked from coming inside your home.

We offer Energy Star label windows and doors that are designed specifically to save energy and keep your home comfortable all year round.

Benefits of Improving Energy Efficiency in Your Home

With air sealing and Wattson Home Solutions’ blower door tests,  you can see the following benefits:

  • Understand your home’s vulnerability to energy loss and heat loss
  • Reduce energy consumption due to air leakage
  • Save money on heating and cooling costs and reduce thermal transfer
  • Avoid mold growth and water damage
  • Increase indoor air quality
  • Keep a comfortable home all year round

Wattson Home Solutions has been providing energy-saving services for many years. We can conduct blower door tests to see how well your home contains heat and offer air sealing. We also specialize in insulation. If you’re looking for a company that really knows what they’re doing on the topic of heating and cooling, look no further than Wattson Home Solutions!

Want to learn more? Contact us today or read more about our residential services at https://wattsonhomesolutions.com/fl/residential-services/ and commercial services at https://wattsonhomesolutions.com/fl/commercial-services/.

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