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How to Make Your Home More Efficient: The #1 Tip

how to make home more efficient

how to make home more efficient

If you’re interested in how to make your home more energy-efficient and saving money on your utility bills, you’ve probably spent hours searching the Internet for tips. We have, too. The problem is, where should your begin? Is your spouse forgetting to turn the light off after leaving the room the biggest energy waster in your home? Or is it the air leaking through your old windows? What’s the secret to making your home more efficient?

Make your home more efficient by getting a home energy audit.

You go to the doctor’s when you’re sick so that he/she can diagnose the problem. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your home? If you’re continuously pouring money down the drain trying to heat or cool your home, wouldn’t you like to know where the problem areas are? You could DIY it, but an appointment with a Mass Save Contractor takes only an hour. Plus, guessing what to look for on your own may seriously cut into your television time. However, an energy assessment will tell you where and how you’re losing energy, what appliances are killing your energy bills, and what improvements you should make. Not to mention that getting an energy audit done by a certified professional may qualify you for Mass Save rebates and incentives.

After you get a home energy audit, you can now…

Start planning energy-efficiency projects.

Getting an energy assessment isn’t like going to the mechanic and finding out a dozen things are wrong with your home. Technicians will help you prioritize what needs to be done, and what could be done in the future, like upgrade to ENERGY STAR appliances. Trying to conquer your to-do list all at once can not only be overwhelming for you, but also for your wallet. In our experience, homeowners tend to bite off more than they can chew. We’re here to make your life easier and more affordable.

Estimate your project costs.

A Mass Save energy audit will open the door to dozens of money-saving rebates and incentives. Whether you’re looking to replace your water heater, add more insulation, or replace all the light bulbs in your home, the Mass Save program will help you save money. So even if your family is on a tight budget, you’ll be able to make those essential energy-saving upgrades.

Learn what projects are not DIY.

Some projects are too ambitious, even for the most avid DIY-er. Even if the task doesn’t seem too complicated, you want to make sure that the project is done right. For example, you can stroll down to your nearest home improvement store to buy batts of insulation or a water heater. But if you’re not a trained professional, you’re risking:

  • A job done not that is not up to code.
  • A job that is still not addressing your energy-wasting problems.
  • Possible personal injury in the process of installation.
  • Added expenses if you find that you have to hire a professional to fix your fix. (Oops!)

Another perk of hiring professionals is that they have all the equipment and gear they need to get the job done, which also saves you money (and clutter). How often do you anticipate breaking out your protective suit? There are only so many insulation projects to be done around your house.

Bonus Tip: Save even more by going solar.

Now that your home is in tip-top shape after your energy improvements, it’s time to give your roof a little love. Have you been thinking about installing solar panels to your home? Estimate how much you can save by going solar.


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