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Home MVP Program Financing: Helping You Save Money for What Matters Most

home mvp program financing

home mvp program financing

Summer is finally here. The sun is out, the kids are home from school, and it’s time to have some summer fun! But despite all of the excitement, are you dreading high energy bills? An inefficient home could be hiking up those utility costs, but can you afford to make upgrades? Let’s face it: you want to spend your money on fun vacations, visits to the water park, and hosting your next barbeque—not insulation upgrades or a new HVAC system!

It’s a bit of a frustrating cycle. If you make the upgrades, you’ll lower your monthly bills, but upgrading your home is expensive! How do you make these changes without wasting all that money you could be spending on summer fun? That’s where the Massachusetts Home MVP Program financing comes in.

Do I Qualify for Home MVP Program Financing?

Before we jump into the financing options available, how do you know whether or not you’re eligible?

Home MVP is an energy efficiency program for Massachusetts residents. It is offered to all 1-4 unit homes in Massachusetts, which means it benefits homeowners, landlords, renters, and multifamily units alike, even if you live in a municipality. In addition, the program is offered regardless of your energy provider!

To qualify for incentives and financing options through Home MVP, you must first receive a no-cost home energy audit. This will help you assess the energy upgrades that would most benefit your home. The energy audit is offered at no cost, which makes it easy to take the first step toward a more efficient home.

How Home MVP Helps You Save

Simply completing your home energy audit automatically qualifies you for a whole host of rebates and incentives to lower the cost of necessary upgrades, from solar panels to heat pumps!

Home MVP incentives are based on your estimated savings: your contractor will review your existing utility bills and estimate how much a given upgrade is likely to impact your energy usage. The higher your estimated savings, the higher the incentive!

It doesn’t stop there! In addition to those offered by the Home MVP program, receiving your energy audit also qualifies you for Mass Save rebates and incentives, such as the 75% instant rebate for approved insulation or the 0% HEAT Loan. With these incentives, you can start making efficiency upgrades to your home right away!

Financing With Home MVP

Home MVP offers plenty of rebate and incentive options to help reduce the cost of upgrading your home, but what if it’s not enough? If you’re ready to make an impact on your home’s energy usage but you’re not ready to spend all your hard-earned money, Home MVP program financing options are available.

The DOER MVP Loan is available to finance qualified upgrades. This is a 0% interest loan for up to seven years which covers:

  • Air and duct sealing
  • Insulation
  • Installation of clean heating systems
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • And more!

Applying for the loan is easy; simply fill out your MVP Loan Authorization Application! Keep in mind, though, that you have to work with an approved MVP Pilot Contractor as part of the application process. That’s where we come in!

Taking the First Step With Energy Monster

At Energy Monster, we want to make your home more energy efficient and we want the process to be as easy as possible for you!

When you receive your home energy assessment from Energy Monster, we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll perform your assessment and help you decide which upgrades to make. We can help you figure out which rebates, incentives, and financing options you qualify for. We’ll even help you fill out the paperwork!

If you’re ready to upgrade your home to be more efficient, more cost-effective, and more comfortable, take the first step. Schedule your Home MVP energy audit with Energy Monster. We look forward to helping you with all of your energy needs—without sacrificing the time and money you’d rather spend on summer fun.

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