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The Best Home Energy Efficiency Programs in MA

home energy efficiency program

home energy efficiency program

Massachusetts has been making great gains in energy efficiency over the past several years, being named the most energy-efficient state in the nation for its eighth consecutive year! With several home energy efficiency programs available to MA residents, it’s easy for homeowners to save money on energy costs—while also reducing our impact on the environment.

Are you looking to save money and energy this summer? Take a look at the home energy efficiency programs available for you to choose from.

What Home Energy Efficiency Programs Are Available in Massachusetts?

Before you select a program to help you with your energy needs, it’s important to understand what they do and who they do it for. You don’t want to choose a program that can’t help you meet your specific goals or who doesn’t service your area. So what do these programs actually do?

Mass Save

What does the program offer?

Mass Save offers no-cost home energy audits to help you save on your energy costs. The assessment consists of a 1-2.5 hour walkthrough and inspection of your home in which your auditor will look for areas of inefficiency. As part of the assessment, you will receive no-cost energy-efficient upgrades, such as LED light bulbs and smart power strips, to help you start saving right away.

After your assessment, Mass Save will provide you with a custom home energy report, which will give you suggestions on how to make your home more efficient. Some of these upgrades, such as home air sealing, may be offered at no cost.

What rebates or incentives are offered?

While some of the work you decide to have done on your home may not be offered at no cost, Mass Save will help you pay for it. Completing a home energy assessment qualifies you for countless Mass Save rebates and incentives, from equipment rebates to the 0% HEAT loan!

Who is eligible?

Mass Save offers home energy assessments (and, by extension, rebates and incentives) to Massachusetts residents of 1-4 unit homes living in non-municipal towns. Residents must also be customers of one of these gas or electric companies:

  • Berkshire Gas
  • Blackstone Gas Company
  • Cape Light Compact
  • Columbia Gas
  • Eversource
  • Liberty Utilities
  • National Grid
  • Unitil

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Home Energy Market Value Performance (Home MVP)

What does the program offer?

Home MVP’s services are very similar to Mass Save’s. Through the Home MVP program, residents can receive a no-cost home energy audit to help locate areas of inefficiency, but it’s important to note that this audit does not come with no-cost upgrades.

After your assessment, you will still receive a custom home energy scorecard to help you decide which upgrades will make an impact on your energy usage.

What rebates or incentives are offered?

This is a key difference between the two programs. While Mass Save has rebates and incentives that are already defined, Home MVP offers incentives for any energy-saving upgrades you make. This may include air sealing, insulation, ductless mini splits, and more. The incentive amount is calculated based on your predicted energy savings. In other words, the more money the upgrade is likely to save you, the higher the incentive!

Who is eligible?

Home MVP is offered to all 1-4 unit homes in Massachusetts, including residences in municipalities. It is also available regardless of who your energy provider is, which makes it accessible to most residents across the state!

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Home Energy Loss Prevention Service (HELPS)

What does the program offer?

HELPS provides two main services to those who qualify. The first is a toll-free hotline which residents can call to ask home energy questions. Their energy experts are prepared to answer your questions and point you to online resources for more information.

The second service is a home energy assessment. These can be provided to residents who call their hotline. The assessment itself is not as in-depth as one from Mass Save or Home MVP, but your energy auditor is still qualified to make recommendations based on their findings.

As part of these recommendations, HELPS may refer you to other programs or companies. For example, they may recommend a qualified contractor such as Energy Monster to complete insulation work. They also may suggest applying for rebates from Home MVP.

What rebates or incentives are offered?

HELPS offers a wide range of incentives—and, as mentioned above, they may also recommend incentives from the Home MVP program.

The exact rebates you qualify for will depend on where you live, which energy provider you use, and which specific upgrades you make. Examples of HELPS rebates include “HELPS Cool Homes” for high-efficiency heating and cooling upgrades, rebates for purchase of Energy Star appliances, and more.

Who is eligible?

The program was created by the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company. As such, it was specifically designed for residents of municipalities. However, it is also limited to residents who use a select list of utility services.

Take Advantage of Home Energy Efficiency Programs

Though these programs vary slightly in who they serve and how exactly they do it, they were all designed for one reason: to help Massachusetts residents conserve energy.

Are you ready to make a difference in your energy usage (and your energy costs)? The first step is to schedule your home energy assessment through a home energy efficiency program. Your audit will help you make big decisions about your home’s energy use, ultimately reducing your energy bills.

Energy Monster is a qualified contractor for both the Mass Save and Home MVP programs. We can help you make a change. Schedule your home energy assessment with Energy Monster today.

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