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Energy Monster’s Guide to Mass Save Rebates and Incentives

guide to Mass Save rebates

guide to Mass Save rebates

As a homeowner, you’re no stranger to high energy costs – but that doesn’t mean you like seeing those high numbers on your utility bills each month! Energy efficiency can often feel like a bit of a catch-22. Investing in energy-efficient upgrades will reflect nicely on your monthly energy bill, but many homeowners are worried about the cost of implementing these upgrades to begin with. The good news? Mass Save wants to help Massachusetts homeowners make their homes more energy efficient, and they offer countless rebates and incentives to help make it happen without draining your bank account. We put together this guide to Mass Save rebates and incentives to help homeowners like you learn what’s available.

What is Mass Save?

Mass Save is an initiative put together by energy companies in Massachusetts. It was designed to help make homes more energy efficient – and an energy efficient home has lower energy bills! To encourage homeowners to upgrade their homes, Mass Save offers rebates and incentives. These make it more cost effective to replace old appliances, better insulate your home, update your heating system, and more!

Guide to Mass Save Rebates and Incentives

So how can you start saving with Mass Save? Take a look at our complete guide to Mass Save rebates and incentives.

Heating and Cooling

Have you found yourself shivering through the winter or sweating through the summer because it’s expensive to constantly heat or cool your home? Mass Save can help you update your heating and cooling equipment affordably. This includes:

  • Heating and cooling equipment. Depending on how you heat your home, you may qualify for rebates to replace your equipment. The rebates range from up to $500 for electric heating and cooling equipment to up to $2,500 for propane equipment. There is also a rebate of up to $3,250 for the early replacement of old equipment.
  • Water heaters. When you purchase a high-efficiency water heater, you may qualify for rebates to help cover the cost. The rebates range from up to $500 for oil water heaters to up to $750 for electric heat pump water heaters.
  • Boiler outdoor reset controls. Outdoor reset controls keeps your boiler operating at the optimal temperature, efficiently. When you install these controls, you qualify for a rebate of up to $225, regardless of what type of fuel your home uses.
  • Wireless and programmable thermostats. For high-tech thermostats, there is a rebate or price discount of up to $125 depending on the type of thermostat. Homeowners who receive a Home Energy Assessment qualify for a discounted price on these thermostats, as well as no-cost installation.
  • Gas heat recovery ventilators. Typically, when air is exhausted through a home’s ventilation system, the energy used to heat that air is wasted. Heat recovery ventilators reclaim heat from the exhausted air. When you install one of these energy efficient ventilators, you qualify for a rebate of up to $500.

Insulation and Air Sealing

You spend a lot of money keeping the air in your home at the right temperature. Keep that expensive air inside by weatherizing your home.

  • Home insulation. Mass Save offers rebates that cover 75% to 100% off insulation, depending on your energy provider.
  • Air sealing. Stop drafts in your home with no-cost air sealing, included when you receive a home energy assessment.

Lighting and Appliances

  • Lighting. Price discounts are available on energy efficient LED light bulbs. When you have a no-cost home energy assessment, you will receive LED bulbs to replace any incandescent bulbs in your home at no cost. Mass Save also offers discounted prices on energy efficient light fixtures.
  • Smart power strips. Price discounts are available through Mass Save. Two smart power strips are included in a home energy assessment.
  • Water saving measures. Shower fixtures and faucet aerators are installed at no cost to those who qualify during a home energy assessment. They are also offered at a discounted rate through Mass Save.
  • Other appliances. There are a lot of energy efficient appliances out there, and Mass Save offers rebates to cover the cost of many of them, such as clothes dryers, washers, and refrigerators. Some of these rebates require that you pre-qualify by receiving a home energy assessment.


Of course, none of these rebates mean anything if you can’t afford to install energy efficient upgrades in the first place. Mass Save can help you finance your upgrades through loans.

  • HEAT Loan. This is a 0% interest loan of up to $25,000 for certain improvements to your home, including heating system replacement, water heaters, and more.
  • Expanded HEAT Loan. This is a limited time 0% interest loan of up to $50,000 for larger projects, including large-scale weatherization or installation of a central wood pellet heating system.

Qualifying for Rebates and Incentives

There are a lot of rebates out there – so which ones do you qualify for? Have you recently made energy-efficient upgrades to your home? Then you may already qualify! Other rebates require that you receive a no-cost home energy assessment to pre-qualify.

The first step is to assess your energy needs. When you complete a home energy assessment with Energy Monster, we’ll help you find the areas of your home that need updates. Once we know what your home needs, we can help you find and apply for rebates and loans that you qualify for. You’ll pay less to update your home AND you’ll see lower monthly energy bills as a result! It all starts with your home energy assessment. Contact Energy Monster to schedule yours today.

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