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Get 100% Rebate on Insulation in Massachusetts With Mass Save® Program

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massachusetts mass save program energy monster massDo you live in Massachusetts? Are you a renter, property manager, or landlord with 1-4 units? If so, an insulation rebate program could help you save money. It’s called the Mass Save Insulation Rebates Program, and it will give 100% rebates on insulation upgrades for qualified applicants. Here, we’ll discuss eligibility requirements for this rebate and the importance of getting a free home energy assessment with your insulation upgrade through Mass Save.

What is the Mass Save Program?

The Mass Save Program is a state-run government program that has collaborated with local energy and gas utility companies such as Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, and Unitil with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. The mission is to provide the state with an energy-efficient economy and lead towards a clean energy future. Funding for the energy efficiency programs comes from a charge on your utility bills each month. As a Massachusetts resident, you are already paying into this energy-saving program. Hence, it’s wise to check their rebates incentives to see where you can save energy AND money on your electric utilities.

The Mass Save insulation rebates program is an energy efficiency upgrade rebate. It’s offered to Massachusetts homeowners, renters, property managers, and landlords. The goal is to transform how Massachusetts residents and business owners use energy. It also aims to help find financial solutions to save money and increase energy efficiency. The Mass Save program does this by offering rebates and incentives to qualifying residents.

This insulation rebate provides 100% of the project cost for approved insulation upgrades for renters, landlords, or property managers owning 1-4 units located in Massachusetts. But you have to qualify before the end of the year to benefit from this rebate program! So don’t wait; keep reading and see how you are eligible and what you have to do to start saving on energy and insulation upgrades.

Visit the Mass Save website to see if you qualify today! Or make things easier by contacting Energy Monster, who works directly with the Mass Save Program.

Do you qualify for the rebates incentives?

If you are a renter, landlord, or property manager with 1-4 units, you can qualify for a free home energy assessment and 100% rebate on upgraded insulation costs if completed before the end of the year. You must complete the home energy assessment with a qualified energy specialist and sign a contract with the Mass Save program.

The goal is to provide residents and business owners with energy efficiency tips to reduce heating and cooling costs and replace old home appliances with newer energy-saving ones. Visit the Mass Save website and learn all about the steps you need to take to get a 100% rebate on insulation upgrades.

Getting a Free Home Energy Assessment to Save Energy

What is a home energy assessment, you ask?

The insulation program has partnered as a Mass Save collaborative to provide free energy assessments for qualified applicants. A home energy assessment is where a trained, experienced contractor will come out and inspect your insulation levels. At this time, they will find opportunities for energy savings. They’ll be able to tell you what insulation upgrades would help save you the most money. This includes an analysis on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Then, when the insulation upgrades are done, you qualify for the rebates and incentives. Once the energy expert completes their assessment, you will receive a custom home energy report showing exactly what you can do to save energy and money.

Insulation upgrades and improvements can be a significant investment. Still, this insulation rebate program makes it easier to save money on heating costs, with 100% of your insulation upgrade cost covered by Mass Save through a rebate offer. For more information about insulation rebates in Massachusetts or for a no-cost home energy assessment from Mass Save, call Energy Monster today.

Importance of Upgrading Your Insulation To Maximize Energy Efficiency

The first step to saving on heating costs is significant. It involves upgrading your insulation in your home. However, upgrading insulation levels can be expensive. That’s why it’s important to know what insulation upgrades would help you the most before making an investment.

Insulation is a vital part of homeownership, and insulation upgrade costs can quickly be offset by the amount you save on heating bills and the Mass Save rebates if you qualify.

If your home lacks insulation, you will lose heat through exterior walls, which means turning up the temperature for that room or area of your home to feel comfortable. This will make your HVAC system work overtime and lead to sky-high utility bills. In some cases, during frigid temperatures, an uninsulated house will have exposed windows. Oftentimes, there are gaps between the window panes that allow outside air inside and leave your home cold and uncomfortable.

In addition, upgrading insulation helps prevent mold from forming under flooring or in cavities of your home, like the attic and exterior walls. Mold forms due to moisture building up as a result of insufficient insulation levels. Help your respiratory system with proper insulation.

Do insulation upgrades really save money?

Yes! One way to help lower energy costs in your home is to upgrade the insulation levels. Some homeowners may experience a significant drop in their heating bill after installing the insulation. There are still benefits for the few homeowners that find little or no change. Insulation upgrades and improvements keep your home warm and safe from mold, mildew, and rotted wood.

Energy Resources That Can Help

When deciding how to save energy, where do you start? Contacting energy efficiency service providers like Energy Monster is a great place to start. We provide homeowners our expertise on energy efficiency improvements. Sharing how Massachusetts residents can take steps toward a clean energy future is one of our passions. We also help lower customers’ energy bills by offering insulation upgrade services and advice on upgrading home appliances that are energy-star rated.

It’s not too late to get a Mass Save rebate on insulation upgrades. The Mass Save incentives are only good for a few more weeks! Don’t wait and let these savings pass you by! Energy Monster is here to help with the free home energy assessment and insulation installation work. We’ll work hard to ensure your home gets all the necessary upgrades for maximum efficiency and comfort at an affordable price.

Contact us today. Our HVAC contractors are top-rated in Massachusetts. Homeowners are likely to save money on their monthly bills because our experienced in getting jobs done right the first time. Call or email us now! (855) 627-7674.

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