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The Top Energy Audit Companies in Massachusetts

top energy audit companies

top energy audit companies

You’re ready to make a change in the way your home uses energy—great! Whether you want to reduce your impact on your environment, reduce your monthly utility bill, or some combination of the two, the first step is to find a reputable company that can help you with all of your home energy needs. But with so many energy audit companies in Massachusetts, it can be hard to find a company to pair with.

Energy Monster: The Top Energy Audit Company in Massachusetts

You may be tempted to choose a company that specializes in energy assessments (and nothing else!), but what happens after the assessment? You may want to make additional energy upgrades, and if your energy audit company can’t help you with these updates, you’ll be searching for a contractor again in no time!

The services you need will depend on your home energy goals and your home’s existing energy efficiency—no two homes are the same, so you need an energy efficiency partner that is prepared for anything and can offer services based on your unique needs. With Energy Monster, you get the full package: an energy efficiency company that can perform a thorough, effective energy audit, make efficiency recommendations for your home, and do the work required to implement these recommendations.

Our Services:

  • Home Energy Assessment. Our professional energy technicians are trained to perform an effective energy audit that will help you start saving money immediately. When you receive your energy audit from Energy Monster, you’ll receive no-cost energy-saving measures right away, including a programmable thermostat, efficient light bulbs to replace any old incandescent bulbs in your home, and smart power strips. And when your assessment is done, Energy Monster will provide you with a custom home energy report which will give you an idea of the next steps you should take to continue making your home more efficient.

“As the Director of Planning in Andover, MA, I’m involved in numerous green initiatives. There is no better time than the present to perform a home energy efficiency project. There are many rebates available and it’s a project that actually pays you back over time. The folks at Energy Monster performed my […] Home Energy Assessment, communicated openly and did an excellent job on the installation. I’m a fan!”

– Paul Materazzo, Winchester, MA

  • Air Sealing. Energy Monster will help you to seal up air leaks in your home, providing weatherization and protection from drafts with caulking and foam. Not sure where the leaks in your home are? We can perform a blower door test to easily locate and seal up leaks. The best part? Air sealing is done at no-cost if you’ve had your home energy assessment. And the team at Energy Monster will help you schedule your air sealing appointment once your initial assessment is complete.
  • Insulation. Up-to-date insulation is a critical piece of your home’s energy efficiency. It keeps air conditioned air inside during the summer and heated air inside during the winter. It also protects your home from allergens and mold. As it’s difficult to know where you’re lacking insulation, we use best-in-class thermal imaging technology to pinpoint where there are insulation deficiencies. If your home is missing or lacking proper insulation, Energy Monster can help with insulation upgrades.

“My interactions with Energy Monster have been excellent. They helped me clearly understand what a Home Energy Assessment entails in addition to the benefits. I had my attic air sealed and insulated. I instantly noticed a difference as my home wasn’t as hot as the day before and it was still 95 degrees outside. I was able to turn down my a/c which will save me on my electric bill. I can’t wait to save on my oil bills this winter! They were also able to get me an instant rebate of 75% off on my project…who even knew they could do that!”

– Ramon Aguiar, Worcester, MA

  • Doors and Windows. Are your doors and windows letting outside air in? Energy Monster can help you make the upgrade to energy efficient doors and windows that keep air in its place.
  • Heating and Cooling. Is your HVAC system working as well as it could be? Is it efficient? Energy Monster can help you decide whether a new energy efficient HVAC system is a good solution for your heating and cooling needs.
  • Ductless Mini Splits. Don’t have central cooling? Not ready to commit to the huge process of installing ductwork? You don’t have to. Energy Monster is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. We can help you find the perfect ductless mini split to cool (and heat!) your home easily—and we can help you install it.
  • Solar. Considering installing solar panels? Energy Monster is a skilled solar installer. We can help assess your home’s energy needs, decide whether solar is a good option, and install the solar panels. We can even help you decide how to finance the process.
  • Rebates and Incentives. MassSave offers countless rebates and incentives, but do you know which ones you qualify for? We do! Energy Monster will do a screening of incentives you may qualify for that will help cover the cost of any energy efficient upgrades you decide to make, and we’ll even do the paperwork for you!

Choosing Your Energy Audit Company

There are many different energy audit companies in Massachusetts, but you want to work with the best. When you work with Energy Monster, you’ll work with caring, professional energy experts who will help you with your home’s efficiency project from start to finish.

Are you ready to make a difference in your home’s energy usage? We’re ready. Schedule your home energy assessment with Energy Monster today. We look forward to helping you with all of your energy needs.

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