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Why is a Ductless Mini Split from Mitsubishi a Good Investment?

ductless mini split mitsubishi

ductless mini split mitsubishi

By now, you’ve certainly heard the buzz about ductless mini splits – the air conditioning units that are small, efficient, and simple to install. There are countless benefits of a ductless system for MA homeowners, which makes the decision easy for many. But others may not be so sure. Is a ductless system really the right option for you? As with most big purchases, if you ask for your friends and family members’ opinions on the matter, you’ll probably hear the same thing over and over: “It’s an investment.” But what do they mean by that? Let’s talk about some of the reasons that a ductless system is a good investment – and why a ductless mini split from Mitsubishi is even better.

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Why is a Ductless Mini Split a Good Investment?

Many homeowners find themselves paralyzed by the upfront cost of a ductless system, which isn’t surprising! It can be very costly to install a ductless system, particularly if you want to be able to control multiple zones. But bear with us: there is value in installing a mini split.

You probably already know that ductless units are energy efficient – but just how much better are they than other home cooling options?

  • If you already have ductwork in your home, you’re probably wasting a lot of energy. There are two main reasons energy waste occurs in homes with central air. The first is that your ducts probably aren’t as tightly sealed as you think they are. Improper insulation and leaky ducts allows air to escape – air that your HVAC unit worked hard to cool in the first place! This air loss can account for up to 30% of your monthly energy consumption! The second reason is that central air is often all or nothing. If the air conditioning is on, it’s on everywhere. You spend a lot of energy cooling rooms that aren’t even in use!
  • If you don’t have ductwork (and you’re not willing to renovate your house to put some in), you may be considering a window air conditioning unit. These are very popular because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install – but it’s important to remember that the cheapest option is often more expensive in the long run. In fact, the average window unit consumes 40% more energy than a ductless mini split system! You may save on upfront costs, but you’ll feel that cost in your monthly utility bill for as long as you own that window system.

Yes, ductless air conditioners cost more upfront, but take another look at those statistics: ductless mini splits could save you 30-40% on your monthly energy costs. That is a massive amount! Sure, you won’t make all your money back within the first month, but a long-lasting mini split system will allow you to save on your utility costs month after month – and year after year. The same cannot be said for inefficient central air or window units.

Pro-tip: You may qualify for rebates or loans to help cover the cost of purchasing and installing a ductless system – which means you get all the benefits of a mini split without the full cost.

Why is a Ductless Mini Split from Mitsubishi the Best Option?

As with any investment, you’re going to have a lot of options. As a whole, ductless mini splits are energy efficient, and effective – but remember that all mini splits are not the same. We at Energy Monster sell and install Mitsubishi ductless mini splits because we believe that they are a superior product. There are many advantages to investing in a ductless mini split from Mitsubishi, including:

  • Air filtration. You may not want to think about all of the allergens and dust that are floating through the air, but they are there. Don’t let them invade your home. Mitsubishi mini splits use some of the highest rated air filters available. They are simple to remove and wash, and they can last up to ten years.
  • Heat. Mini splits are commonly referred to as ductless air conditioners, but the name is a bit misleading. While some systems do only serve as air conditioners, Mitsubishi’s models also serve as a heating system. That means you’ll benefit from an energy-efficient system all year long – and you don’t have to worry about a separate heating system.
  • Ultimate control. Mitsubishi models easily connect to the wifi in your home, giving you control from anywhere. You can schedule when they run or change the temperature from your smartphone – even when you’re not home. Having this much control over your home’s heating and cooling system not only keeps you comfortable, it also means you’ll stop wasting energy on temperature control when no one is home.

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors: The Best Way to Purchase

We at Energy Monster believe strongly in Mitsubishi’s ductless mini splits, which is why we became a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. This means that we are trained in the installation of Mitsubishi products and can provide our customers with extended warranties on ductless mini splits. We are excited to help homeowners manage their home’s temperature – and energy use – through this program. Are you ready to invest in your home? Let’s get started.

ductless mini splits

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