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What to Look for When Choosing a Mass Save Contractor

choosing a contractor mass save

choosing a contractor mass save

So you’re ready to get your home energy assessment. You’ve heard great things about the Mass Save program and you’re ready to roll. Great – time to get started! The first thing you’ll have to do is choose your contractor. For many homeowners, this can be a confusing and overwhelming experience; learn what to look for when choosing a Mass Save contractor to make the process easier.

Mass Save vs. Contractors: What’s the Difference?

We can hear your protest: “Contractor? It’s called a Mass Save Home Energy Audit, so shouldn’t Mass Save be coming to my house to perform the assessment? It’s right there in the name!”

Well, not exactly. If you head over to Mass Save’s home energy assessment page you’ll find that there’s no easy “schedule your audit” button. This is because Mass Save doesn’t perform the audit – because it’s not an energy efficiency company.

Instead, Mass Save is an energy initiative sponsored by many different utility companies in Massachusetts. The point of Mass Save is… to save! They want Massachusetts homeowners to save energy with more efficient homes, and they want to make that process easier, which is where home energy assessments come in.

So who actually does the assessment? There are many different companies that take part in the initiative; these contractors are approved by Mass Save to perform a detailed audit of your home and to make energy efficiency recommendations. While they are all Mass Save partners, these are individual companies (like Energy Monster!). You want to make sure you get the most out of your assessment, so start by choosing the right contractor.

What to Look for When Choosing a Contractor

There is a vast assortment of companies that partner with Mass Save, but not every contractor is the same. Take some time to do some research before you choose.

Are They a Mass Save Partner?

This might seem obvious, but it pays to check. A contractor offering to assess your home’s energy needs is not the same as a Mass Save Partner. Start with Mass Save’s find a contractor tool. This will give you a list of Mass Save Partners in your area, so you know you’re finding a qualified contractor.


You want someone who knows what they’re doing. The good thing is that when you select a Mass Save Partner, you can already expect that they’re meeting Mass Save’s standards – but more research can only help you! Take a look at reviews for the company. How long have they been in business? Do they specialize in particular services that you are interested in? If you can’t find this information online, reach out to the contractor and ask!


This is a no-cost assessment, so it might be tempting to choose the first contractor you find and get it over with; you’re not paying, so what’s the risk? Take a minute here to consider the goal of your assessment. Home energy audits are intended to locate areas of inefficiency in your home – what are you going to do about them once you’ve found them? Look for a contractor who is committed to helping you with all of your energy needs, one that will give you recommendations based on your home’s problems and follow through with them.

Additional Services

Some well-researched homeowners may be interested in receiving a home energy assessment because they know it qualifies them for rebates and incentives on other energy-efficient services. If you know you’re interested in other services (or you’re not sure whether there might be more services you’re interested in), think about it when you’re choosing your contractor and look for someone that can help you with this additional work later on.

Other Certifications or Licenses

You want to work with qualified professionals, especially if you’re planning on having additional work done after your assessment. Take some time to look at potential contractors’ certifications. If there’s work to be done on your home, does the state require that the person doing that work have a specific license? Don’t assume anything – ask your contractor what licenses they have and what’s required when doing work on your home.


Okay, this may not be something you think about when you initially consider a contractor, but give it some thought. This is your home – you want to work with people who care about it! Search for a contractor that cares about what they do and about the quality of their work – the best contractors are the ones who want to help you save energy and money.

Choosing Your Contractor

While Mass Save can help you find a contractor for your audit, the choice is ultimately yours. It’s important to hire a contractor that is able to help you with your home’s energy needs – this includes the basics such as air sealing and lighting, but it also may include other services such as ductless air conditioning or solar power!

Energy Monster is a Mass Save Partner that is dedicated to helping you save energy in your home – and save money while you’re at it. We love helping homeowners save, and we’d love to help you. Are you ready to schedule your Mass Save energy assessment? Contact Energy Monster today!

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