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CFL Lightbulbs! I’ve got an idea that will save you money!



We are the verge of a new energy era. One in which older models of inefficient appliances, equipment, and even tools are being transformed from energy drainers into peak energy performers. One of the easiest and most revolutionary ways you can create a more energy-efficient home is by replacing outdated incandescent light bulbs with CFL options.

Out with the Old

Traditional incandescent lightbulbs have gone largely unchanged from their initial production in 1880 by Thomas Edison. These bulbs are only capable of converting a meager 5 percent of the energy they receive into light. Because a typical household utilizes between 15 to 20 percent of its monthly energy to light their home, this energy inefficiency can really hit your pocketbook.

Home and National Benefits of CFL Light Bulbs

CFL lightbulbs are the next generation of lighting. These light bulbs are an incredible four times as efficient as their incandescent counterparts, and can last for as long as 10,000 hours or ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. This translates to some very real savings. The EPA estimates that the average CFL lightbulb will pay for itself in as little as six months. Additionally, each CFL also provides more light due to its innovative design. This means that if your lamp with a 60-watt fixture is too dim with an incandescent light bulb, you can simply opt for a 23 watt CFL and get the equivalent of 100 watts in light input. Think brighter rooms for less overall costs.

But not only will you be saving money every month, you’ll also be doing your part to reduce national fossil fuel consumption. If every home in the United States replaced just one of their old light bulbs with a CFL lightbulb it would save enough energy to light over 3 million homes annually. This translates into the prevention of 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and national savings of about $700 million.

Choosing the Right CFL For You

You can opt to begin replacing your old lightbulbs over time, choosing in the beginning to experiment with one or two bulbs in desired areas of your home. A good place to start is with a ceiling fixture or lamp in a well-used room, such as a kitchen light or the reading lamp next to your bed.

Like all products, no two brands are alike. Some CFL brands may appear to give off a brighter white light than others. Experiment with at least two different brands before choosing to overhaul your house. A good idea is to make a list of the number and type of bulbs currently in your home, and then purchase a few parallel rated CFL lightbulbs to make a true comparison.

Saving Money Today

To discover the true value of switching from traditional incandescent light bulbs to more energy-efficient CFL options, utilize this easy Energy Savings Calculator.

While CFL options are slightly more expensive, you can help mitigate those upfront costs and learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your whole home with a Home Energy Assessment through Energy Monster. With this special package not only will we replace out-of-date incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs at no additional cost to you, but we will also use infrared test your home’s envelope, heating equipment, and air ducts to determine where you are losing the most energy.

To learn more about the benefits of CFL light bulbs and how a home energy assessment can enhance your home and your pocketbook, contact us today.

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