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6 Reasons to Book a Home Energy Audit with Energy Monster

book a home energy audit

book a home energy audit

If you’ve lived in New England for a few years, you already know what to expect from our intense winters: snow, sleet, subzero temperatures—and rising energy costs. With the holidays fast approaching, you’ve got better things to spend your money on than a high heating bill! The time to do something about your home’s energy waste is now. It’s time to book a home energy audit.

Getting your audit will help you reduce your home’s energy cost, just in time to spend all that money on Christmas presents instead. Take a look at these six top reasons to book a home energy audit with Energy Monster today.

1. It’s No-Cost

Reason number one is a no-brainer: a home energy audit could have a serious impact on your home’s energy usage—and the audit comes at no cost to you!

Mass Save home energy audits are funded by every Massachusetts resident through a monthly charge on your utility bill. This means two big things for you:

  • You are already paying for your energy audit. The money comes out of your utility bill each month whether you get an audit or not, so why not take advantage of the service you’re investing in?
  • The audit itself comes at no upfront cost to you. When you book a home energy audit with Energy Monster, you’ll get immediate energy savings without paying us a cent! Which brings us to…

2. Immediate Energy Savings

A home energy audit isn’t just an inspection, it’s an investment in your home’s future—and Mass Save and Energy Monster want to get you off on the right foot.

As part of your home energy assessment, you’ll receive no-cost energy-saving devices, such as smart power strips, LED light bulbs to replace outdated bulbs, and water-saving measures where applicable. These goodies are a part of your audit, which means they come at no cost to you.

That means that even if you don’t decide to do anything else about your home’s energy usage, you will already be taking a step in the right direction. These measures will help you start saving energy (and money) immediately.

3. Save Even More With Your Home Energy Report

The fun doesn’t stop after your assessment. In fact, the whole point of your assessment is to pinpoint areas of wasted energy in your home so that you can decide whether or not to have additional work done.

After your audit, you will receive a detailed home energy report that will outline the next steps that can be taken to reduce your energy waste. Every home is different, but your report may include things such as air sealing, updating insulation, or appliance upgrades that will have a positive impact on your energy usage.

What you do with your report after your energy assessment is up to you. You may decide not to go through with any of the suggestions or to implement one or two that will be the most impactful. Whatever you choose to do, Energy Monster is ready to help.

4. Licensed Contractors and Dedicated Customer Service

After your energy audit, any additional work that you decide to have done will be negotiated between you and a contractor. The good news? If you work with Energy Monster for your home energy audit, then you’ve already found a company with licensed contractors who can help you with your next steps. We can help you get additional work done so you can start saving energy as quickly as possible.

Additionally, we are passionate about saving energy and helping our customers to do the same. When you work with Energy Monster, you’re working with a dedicated customer service team that is committed to seeing you succeed!

6. Rebates and Incentives

Mass Save is more than just energy audits. The program exists to help Massachusetts homeowners save money on energy costs, and there are a lot of ways to do that—so Mass Save offers rebates and incentives to encourage homeowners to make upgrades in their homes.

This means that even if you decide to make an energy upgrade that is traditionally expensive, Mass Save can help you reduce the cost. The best part? Energy Monster has plenty of experience with Mass Save rebates. We can help you find incentives that you qualify for, and we’ll even do the paperwork for you.

With these incentives helping cover the cost, you can make energy-efficient upgrades without spending all that hard-earned Christmas money—and you’ll start seeing an impact on those winter utility bills!

Book a Home Energy Audit with Energy Monster

Energy Monster is committed to helping our customers make a real impact in their energy consumption, and we want to help you reduce your monthly energy costs! Don’t go through another winter of ridiculously high energy bills: book a home energy audit with Energy Monster today.

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