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How a Blower Door Test Can Save You Money

blower door

blower door

If you’ve lived in New England for a while, you know that the coming winter is guaranteed to bring frigid temperatures with it. We all want to spend the cold winter bundled up in a cozy home, but many houses in the area are drafty. Not only does that mean you’ll be less comfortable in your own home, but it also means you’ll spend much more on heating costs than you should! How can you ensure Old Man Winter stays outside and leaves you alone. Get a blower door test! It’s a great way to find leaks so you can fix them up before the cold weather comes.

Why is My House So Drafty?

Most people believe that air leaks primarily through doors and windows, so that’s where they focus their efforts. They seal up these leaks… but the warm air is still escaping from somewhere. Leaks can be found all over your home: through light switches, floors, attics, or basements. When warm air escapes your home (and the cold air comes in) you’ll feel those drafts. You’ll have to crank the heat, making your heating system work harder than it should have to! In the end, this means you’ll spend more on heating costs.

What is a Blower Door Test?

A blower door test uses a machine to measure the airtightness of home or building. It is employed to physically locate air leakage which may bring in unwanted cold air or warm humid air. In order to perform a blower door test, all doors and windows in a home will need to be closed. A specialized blower will be fitted into an outside-facing door. The blower will then blow air outside, depressurizing the home and measuring how much air is coming in through leaks. The technician will be able to use this information to pinpoint air leaks in the home. Knowing where your leaks are is the first step to fixing them.

What’s Next?

Once you know where the leaks are in your home, you can go about fixing them. Leaks around windows or doors are fairly easy to fix with some caulk, and certain wall leaks can be fixed with expanding foam insulation. When you fix air leaks, you’ll be left with an air-tight home. When those drafts aren’t lowering the temperature of your home, you won’t have to spend as much energy (and money!) keeping your family warm this winter. The best part? These fixes will continue to benefit your home for years to come, meaning you could save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills over the years!

You could hire a contractor to perform a blower door test on your home, but did you know the test is included in a home energy assessment? With a home audit, an energy technician will come to your home to perform an array of tests, including a blower door test. These tests will help to find inefficiencies in your home, and your technician will help you to fix them. This will include sealing air leaks with caulk or foam, as well as providing you with energy-saving measures and gadgets for your home. The best part? It’s all offered at no cost! If you’re ready to make your home more energy efficient, schedule your home energy assessment today. Your wallet is sure to thank you!

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