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Best Temperature to Set Your Thermostat in Winter in Massachusetts

best temperature for your thermostat 68 energy saving energy monster mass

best temperature for your thermostat 68 energy saving energy monster massWith the temperature now that winter is here, you should be thinking about how to keep your home warm this season. Let’s be honest; New England winters can be harsh and downright freezing. It’s not always easy to determine what temperature is best for heating your home.

So what is the best temperature to set your thermostat in winter in Massachusetts? This article will give you a rundown of the temperature that homeowners should set their thermostats at to save on energy costs this winter. We’ll also discuss tips for keeping the temperature at an optimal 68 degrees so you don’t overheat and ways an energy assessment can help determine how to keep your home warm.

Best Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter

According to Energy Star, the perfect temperature to set your thermostat to is 68 degrees. This will best keep your home comfortable while saving energy this winter.

Each degree that you lower the temperature of your thermostat can save homeowners about three to four percent on their total heating bill, so it is best to set the thermostat at 68 degrees, or even 65 if you will be away from home. The lower the interior temperature is during the winter, the slower your home loses heat. You’ll save energy if you can keep the temperature of your house lower. Don’t set it so low that you no longer feel warm air, though. 

Tips to Save on Energy When Cold Weather Strikes

Cold air is here and winter heating bills can go through the roof. A few energy efficiency tips can help save energy and lower energy bills.

1. Get a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats are a great way for homeowners to save on energy costs. This is because programmable thermostats allow you to preset your thermostat to automatically be turned down when the house isn’t occupied during certain hours of the day. The optimal temperature of your home should be around 68 degrees. Programmable thermostats are relatively inexpensive and can be found at your local home improvement store.

Remember, if you are using a programmable thermostat to lower your home’s temperature at certain times, your furnace doesn’t have to work harder to warm your space to a comfortable temperature, which would result in little or no savings. What actually happens is, when your house drops below its normal temperature, your home won’t lose energy as quickly.

2. Get your heating system serviced.

Just like a car needs an oil change and tune-up, your heating unit also needs to be serviced. A professional can come in and clean your system, fix any leaks and make sure everything is working properly. This will help your system run efficiently and save you money on your next energy bill.

3. Put your thermostat in an optimal location.

The temperature settings may be different from room to room. Try finding an optimal location for your thermostat and move it there. Determine the optimal thermostat location with a no-cost energy assessment. The assessment will help decide the location of your thermostat based on the temperature throughout all parts of your home.

Your programmable thermostat should be placed on an interior wall that is not in direct sunlight and where natural room air currents flow. Natural room air currents are where warm air rises and cool air sinks. Don’t put pieces of furniture in front of your thermostat, as they can block natural air movement.

4. Improve your home’s insulation.

Improving your home’s insulation is the best way to keep it warm this winter. This can be done by hiring a contractor or doing some DIY projects yourself. If you have an older home, chances are your house isn’t as insulated as it should be, and cold air is coming in through cracks around doors and windows during the colder months of the year. This is an easy fix, though. You can get weather stripping and insulation put in your home to make it more energy-efficient this winter, which will lower energy bills.

Proper Insulation Can Keep Your Home Warm and Energy Efficient

If you want to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible this winter, proper insulation is key. When it comes to installing the insulation properly, leave it to a professional. They will ensure the proper amount and type is used for your unique home’s needs.

It’s important to keep in mind that temperature isn’t the only thing that determines how much energy your household uses over the winter season. Heating units also play a role in how much energy is used. If you have an older heating system, it might not be as efficient as a newer model and could use more energy to heat your home.  The connection between your heating unit and proper insulation shouldn’t be overlooked. Make your home more energy-efficient this winter by getting a no-cost energy assessment. It can help identify ways to make your home more energy-efficient this winter, indicating where you’re losing energy and whether you need to upgrade your heating unit.

Get a No-Cost Energy Efficiency Assessment

Energy Monster experts offer no-cost energy assessments to homeowners. Energy assessments can help identify ways to save on energy costs and make your home more comfortable this winter by identifying where your home is susceptible to the most heat loss.

An expert will visit your home and look for ways to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. They will help lower heating costs and find ways to save energy in your home. A team member will find where your home is most susceptible to losing heat and give you tips on improving your home’s surrounding environment, reducing heat loss, and reducing your energy bills. Contact Energy Monster today to schedule your no-cost assessment today!

When the temperature drops this winter, don’t be left out in the cold! Keep your home energy efficient and comfortable. To get the most energy efficiency out of your system, set the thermostat to around 68 degrees. This is the recommended thermostat setting. Have questions on how you can save money on your energy bill? Call your local Energy Monster team today! (855) 627-7674.

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