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The Best Brands of Ductless Mini Split Systems For MA Homes

the best brands of ductless mini split systems

the best brands of ductless mini split systems

Looking for a simple way to control the temperature in your home while saving some money? Ductless mini splits are affordable, energy-efficient, and don’t take up much space. They allow you to heat or cool only the rooms you use, and they can easily be controlled with a smartphone app or remote. If you’re considering installing a ductless system, learn about the best brands of ductless mini split systems for MA homes.

Important Factors to Consider

No matter what brand of ductless system you’re looking at, there are certain things you’ll need to consider. Some of these factors may include:

  • Energy efficiency. Ductless systems are naturally more efficient than central air because they are much more customizable. You won’t waste energy heating or cooling rooms that aren’t in use, and you can easily control the temperature in any room. If a ductless system is Energy Star certified, you know it is efficient. Checking the SEER rating of a system will give you a better idea of how efficient they are; the higher the number, the more efficient.
  • Filtration. Naturally, you want the air in your home to be clean. A quality ductless system should filter the air of allergens and dust so that you and your family are not breathing in harmful air.
  • Sound. Don’t settle for a unit that is noisy and distracting. While most ductless systems operate quietly, consider this important factor when making a purchasing decision.
  • Heat. Many ductless systems only serve as air conditioning systems. You want customizable comfort all year long, so look for a system that offers heating capabilities as well.
  • Cost. You want a powerful system, but you don’t want to break the bank to get it. Keep in mind that a ductless system is an investment that will reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable, so there will be an upfront cost. Be sure to weigh the benefits as you decide on a reasonable price for a system.
  • Customizable options. Some mini splits are programmable. Others connect to apps on your smartphone for easy temperature control. Knowing what you want from a mini split system will allow you to select a brand and model that fits your needs.

The Best Brands of Ductless Mini Split Systems For MA Homes

Many different companies produce ductless systems. How do you begin finding the one for you? What brands are out there, and how do they compare to one another?

LG. This is an energy-efficient brand, with SEER ratings up to 21.5. Systems are quiet, with sound pressure as low as 42 decibels, and have a standard but effective air filtration system. Their Wi-Fi capabilities make them easy to control, and they are built with R410A, a refrigerant that is not harmful to the ozone layer, which makes them far more environmentally friendly than some other models.

Gree. This is one of the most energy-efficient brands available, with SEER ratings of up to 41. However, that energy efficiency comes with a price tag, and they are often some of the most expensive models on the market. They have an effective filtration system and can be controlled through Wi-Fi. They are very quiet, with sound pressure as low as 19 decibels. They are also built with environmentally friendly R410A, which is good news for the environmentally conscious buyer.

Mitsubishi. Whether you want to control the temperature of a single room or your entire home, Mitsubishi makes ductless systems for all your heating and cooling needs. Their systems are stylish and easily controlled through Wi-Fi. They are highly efficient, with SEER ratings of up to 30.5, and they are among the quietest brands available, with sound pressure as low as 19 decibels. Their air filters are some of the best available, are washable, and can last up to 10 years, ensuring good air quality for years to come. They also use R410A, which makes them better for the environment than other models. Many models also come equipped with the 3D i-See sensor, which pinpoints areas within the room that are warmer or cooler than others and alters the airflow to reach them.

While there are many more brands of ductless mini split systems out there, Mitsubishi’s energy-efficient, quiet, and affordable systems make the brand our number one pick. Their highly-customizable systems offer a solution for every heating or cooling need. In fact, we love their systems so much that we recently became a Diamond Contractor for Mitsubishi! If you want complete control over your home’s temperature and air quality, get started by installing a Mitsubishi ductless mini split system.

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