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All the Spray Foam Insulation Questions

house insulation questions energy monster largo fl

house insulation questions energy monster largo flMany homeowners are looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency. Spray foam insulation is a great option. When improving energy efficiency, most people want the lowest cost, easiest installation, and highest quality – all at the same time! If you’re looking for insulation options that will help reduce your monthly utility bills, spray foam insulation is a great option.

But how do you know if it’s right for your home?

Common questions on spray foam insulation that we can answer:

Is spray foam insulation safe?

Yes, spray foam insulation is safe for you to use in your home. Spray polyurethane foam in the foam plastic section is approved in building codes.

It’s important to understand that spray foam insulation does have a short period of time where gas is released. The spray mixture expands rapidly and fills the space in the wall cavity. During this process, it can release some gas. This only lasts for about 24 hours, and then the off-gassing does stop. Spray foam insulation installed correctly in your home should be done by a professional so it is done safely. You will need to be out of your home for 24 hours after installation to ensure the off-gassing period is done.

How much does spray foam insulation cost?

The cost of spray foam insulation varies depending on the size of your home. It has a higher initial cost than other types of insulation, but you also don’t have to replace it as often as fiber insulations or blown-in cellulose insulation. When you update your home, you want to save money, but install high-quality products. In many cases, you will see a return on your investment in less than two years due to the increased energy efficiency with spray foam insulation.

How long does spray foam insulation last?

The integrity and efficiency of spray foam are long-lasting. The lifespan of spray foam insulation should last through the entire lifespan of your home. When spray foam hardens, the shape of the foam retains itself and will not lose its R-value over time. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about installing more or updating your insulation again. It is very low maintenance and worth the cost of initial installation.

What is the difference between closed-cell and open-cell spray foam?

Spray polyurethane foam comes in two different types; closed-cell spray foam and open-cell spray foam.

Closed-cell foam is a high-density spray polyurethane insulation that’s cells are completely sealed. Since it is dense and rigid, it does not allow air and moisture to infiltrate the spray foam. The R-value is also another big difference between the two. The R-value of closed-cell spray foam insulation is around 6.5-7 per inch which means it has higher thermal barriers than open-cell foam.

Open-cell spray foam insulation is the opposite. This type of spray polyurethane foam is light and flexible. It does allow some moisture and air to infiltrate the foam. The R-value of open-cell foam insulation is around 3.8 per inch.

What is R-value?

R-value refers to the ability of insulation to resist heat flow. So, the higher the R-value, the higher the resistance to heat flow the material provides. R-value recommendations differ based on where you live, the type of insulation material you use, and where inside your home you are using the insulation such as the attic floor or crawl space.

Why should I use spray foam insulation?

Spray polyurethane insulation has many great benefits when installed properly. It provides increased energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, it can reduce moisture, and it is long-lasting.

  • Increase Energy Efficiency: When your install spray foam insulation, you are improving the energy efficiency in your home. This means you are reducing your energy bills and savings money. With the high thermal barrier, there is less heat loss and less work your air conditioning system has to do to heat your air.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Spray insulation forms an air seal that keeps harmful outdoor contaminants and allergens from entering your home.
  • Reduce Moisture: If you have a roof leak, you won’t have to stress about replacing all of your insulation. Closed-cell spray foam is rigid and doesn’t absorb and trap moisture as some other insulation materials may. Moisture left untreated can lead to mold growth and unhealthy indoor air quality.
  • Long-Lasting: Installing spray foam insulation in your home will last as long as your home lasts. Whether placed in your exterior walls, interior walls, or roof deck, it will last a long, long time. This is a lot longer than any other insulation material such as fiberglass insulation.

Can I DIY spray foam insulation?

Yes, you can DIY spray foam projects. This can save you some money, but can also be dangerous if installed incorrectly. The process of installing spray foam insulation is more complicated than one may think.

When installing spray foam insulation you are exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. If you don’t have the correct protective gear on, you could breathe these chemicals in which can cause irritation to your eyes, skin, and respiratory system. If spray foam insulation is installed incorrectly, you could be allowing allergens, contaminants, and moisture into your home. Save your money, wallet, and health, and have a professional install your spray foam insulation.

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At Energy Monster, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about insulation options and improving energy efficiency. Our team can help your install insulation quickly and efficiently so your home is comfortable all year round. We serve the greater Tampa Bay area and help residential and commercial customer improve their energy efficiency.

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