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Get Air Conditioner for One Room–the Efficient Way

air conditioner for one room

air conditioner for one room

Best Options for Cooling All or Part of a Home

Most people would agree that summer is the best time of year. The sun is shining, and you can head outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather, go for a swim, or enjoy a barbecue with family and friends; what could be better?

But we all know that there are some days in the summer when it’s simply too hot to do anything; those are the days when you need to cool your home so that you can work, live, and enjoy life. But what are the best options for cooling your home?

This article will explain the different options and why some solutions are better than others. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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Air Conditioners

So, if somebody asked you how to cool your home during the summer, you would probably tell them to get an air conditioner. The truth is that for a long time, air-conditioners were the best option; that’s no longer the case, but there are still some instances when an air-conditioner is a good choice.

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Air conditioners cool your space by removing the heat and humidity from the air. In simple terms, a fan inside the AC unit blows the indoor air over a cold evaporator coil causing the heat in your home to be absorbed and refrigerated.

But not all air conditioners are created equally. There are a few different types of AC units available on the market. Let’s take a closer look at the various types of air conditioners.

Single Room Air Conditioner

If you only need to cool a small, single room, then an air conditioner can be a great choice. A small single-room AC will do a much better job of cooling the room than an oscillating fan or a ceiling fan.

There are a couple of different options available. If the room has a window, then a window air conditioner might do the trick; alternatively, if there is no window or if you don’t want to block a beautiful view, then a portable AC may well be the way to go.

Window Air Conditioner

So, when most people think of an air conditioner, they are picturing a traditional window AC. The idea is that you set the unit in your window, and the AC will pull the hot air out of your space while at the same time bringing fresh air into your home from outside and cooling it.

Window air conditioners require more effort to install and can be a hazard as they can fall from the window if not secured properly; if that is a big issue, then a portable AC will be a better option for you.

Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner works in a similar manner to a window AC, but rather than sitting in the window, it sits on the floor and can be positioned anywhere you want.

Of course, a portable AC still needs a hose to be connected to the window so that it can recycle the air, but you at least have some choice about where you want to put it, and the installation is much easier than with a window ACs.

The Pros and Cons of Air Conditioners

The good thing about air conditioners is that they do a fairly good job of cooling smaller spaces and are generally cheaper than the alternatives, but cheap rarely means good.

These days, there are some modern air conditioners, which include state-of-the-art features such as Bluetooth and app control, but these models are, for the most part, expensive; and for the price of one of these high-end AC’s you can get a better solution for cooling your home.

Also, air conditioners are really expensive to actually operate. The cost of buying one may be cheap, but the cost of your electric bill each month can increase dramatically when you are using an AC, meaning that in the long run, this may not be the most economical way to go.

There is also another very serious downside to air conditioners: they are incredibly bad for the environment. The coolants used in AC units produce a ton of harmful CFC CO2 compounds that damage the atmosphere and harm the already devastated ozone layer.

In fact, very few things are worse for the environment than air conditioners.

So, if you are someone who is conscientious about your impact on the environment, then an AC alternative might be more appealing to you.

Safe Air Conditioner Alternatives for Cooling a Small Room

Fortunately, there are some great alternatives to air conditioners, granted some are better than others. Let’s check those out too.

Electric Fans

An electric fan, whether a tower fan, oscillating fan, or ceiling fan, is an analog method for cooling a very small space. The idea is that blades turn, creating airflow, which is then directed and dispersed throughout the room.

Fans are typically even cheaper than air conditioners, but for the most part, fans are less effective at cooling your home than the other options and are really only useful when you are sitting right in front of them.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers, sometimes called “swamp coolers,” can be a good alternative to fans and air-conditioners. They are certainly more energy-efficient and have the added benefit of being able to go literally anywhere in your home as they don’t require a window or any access to a window.

The basic principle is that swamp coolers refrigerate the air by evaporating water, so you fill-up the tank, which releases cool moisture into the air cooling your room.

Like fans, and air conditioners, evaporative coolers are not an effective whole-home solution, but they are better than nothing, especially in small spaces.

ductless mini splits

Ductless Mini-Split

Request more information about transforming the heating and cooling in your home with a Ductless Mini-Split from Energy Monster.

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It’s safe to say that nowadays, the best option for cooling your home is a ductless mini-split . Many people have never heard of this option, it’s relatively new compared to the other home cooling solutions we’ve discussed, but in the future, there is a good chance that ductless mini-splits will become the main way people cool their homes.

It’s worth taking a minute or two to understand what a ductless mini-split is and why they are, in almost all cases, the best option.

If you’re not sure if a ductless mini-split is right for you, consider these points:

  • Expandable. The outdoor compressor can handle multiple indoor units. You can start with one room, and expand as necessary. Plus, installation is simple; units are up and running in just one day.
  • Wall Units – No Window Necessary. Because there is no window necessary and only a very small hole is needed to access the outdoor unit, a ductless mini-split is less visible, quieter, and more secure than the other options for adding an air conditioner to one room.
  • Flexible Placement of Wall Units. The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit with a small pipe. That means the indoor unit can be placed virtually anywhere in the room without a major construction project or disrupting your home’s architecture or decor.
  • Energy-Efficient. A ducted system can waste a considerable amount of heated and cooled air as it makes its way through the system. In contrast, a ductless mini-split delivers the air right to the room that needs it.

What is a Ductless Mini-Split?

Ductless air cooling systems (AKA mini-splits) join individual units placed throughout your home with an outdoor compressor. The inside units use evaporator coils cooled with refrigerants. The idea is that the refrigerant transfers the excess heat from inside your home to the outdoor unit.

Because all of the inside mini-split heat pumps can be connected to one exterior compressor, ductless mini-splits are the best possible whole-home solution.

Not only do ductless mini-splits not damage the atmosphere in the same way that air-conditioners do, but they cool your home much better and more efficiently than air conditioners also. Needless to say, they do a much better job than fans and swamp coolers as well.

The Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split?

There are many benefits of using a ductless mini-split system to cool your home. Let’s briefly touch on some of them.

Even temperature distribution throughout your home

With Air conditioners, the cooling effect is most pronounced when you are in close proximity to the AC, ideally right in front of it. As you move further away from the AC, you will notice that other rooms in your home are still too hot because an AC needs to be installed in each room, and even if you did install an AC in every room, your halls and common spaces would still remain hot.

Ductless systems allow you to cool your whole home evenly so that there are no major differences in temperature as you move from room to room.

Mini-splits purify the air while cooling you off

Air conditioners are good at cooling off the air in small spaces where you have access to a window. AC’s do recycle the air in your home, but they don’t purify the air in any way; they just slowly replace the old air with newer air that has been cooled.

Mini-splits, on the other hand, actually purify the air that you breathe inside your home, eliminating air born irritants and pollutants, such as dust, dander, germs, and mildew, which can improve your lung function and can have an even more pronounced effect for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Ductless systems are the most cost-effective to operate

In almost all cases, operating a whole home ductless mini-split system costs only a small fraction of what it would cost to run an air-conditioner or a bunch of fans. The cost of installing a new ductless system can quickly be recuperated as they save you a boat-load of money each month compared to other effective home cooling alternatives.

They can be positioned almost anywhere you want

Unlike air conditioners, mini-splits are, for the most part, very sleek, small, and lightweight. Ductless mini-splits are also the most versatile option as they can fit just about anywhere.

Portable AC’s, although also somewhat flexible, still need to be located close enough to a window so that you can run the hose-line and bring in new air, but ductless systems don’t require a window at all; they can go on just about any wall and don’t even take up much space on that wall.

Ductless mini-splits look much better than air-conditioners

Even the nicest air-conditioners are big, bulky, heavy, and not that aesthetically pleasing. A ductless mini-split is just the opposite; they are lightweight, feature a great modern style, and make any room much more attractive.

Maintenance of Ductless Mini-Split

If you make the great decision to install a new ductless mini-split system, then there is a bit of maintenance required from time to time. At the very least, you should change the filters occasionally; this is so that the system can still purify the air in your home and continue to work its best.

Changing filters is super simple. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1 – Lift up the faceplate on the unit (some units have a little latch to open it)

Step 2 – Slide out the filter (sometimes there are two side-by-side)

Step 3 – Simply slide in the new filter (that’s literally it – it couldn’t be easier)

You don’t need to change the filters every time they get a bit dirty; you can also just take them out and wash them. As a good rule of thumb, you should clean the filters once every two months and replace them once a year.

Also, when it comes time to change the filters, new ones are very inexpensive, so it won’t cost you a lot to run and maintain a ductless system.

Most ductless mini-split systems are excellent, but it’s widely known that Mitsubishi makes the very best-of-the-best mini-splits. The Mitsubishi systems seem to work the best, require the least amount of maintenance, and are among the most reliable and energy-efficient units on the market.

If you ever require any additional repairs or maintenance, a great ductless mini-split service will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Remove, inspect, and clean the blower wheels
  • Inspect and clean the coils on the indoor units
  • Inspect and clean the drain pans
  • Inspect and clean the filters for you
  • Inspect and Clean the outdoor coil
  • Clean and maintain any other components


When your home is too hot, you simply can’t enjoy yourself, and when the unrelenting summer sun is beating down on you, walking through your front door into a cool, refreshing space is one of the nicest feelings in the world.

Air conditioners, fans, evaporative coolers, and other such products are certainly better than having nothing. Still, if you want the best, most energy-efficient solution for cooling all or part of your home, then a ductless mini-split is, without a doubt, your best bet.

A ductless mini-split system is a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to add an air conditioner to one room. To learn more about customized heating and cooling options for your home, contact Energy Monster today!

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