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6 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Get Solar Panels

Why You Should Get Solar Panels

Why You Should Get Solar Panels

Solar power is no longer a trend. It’s here to stay. You may have noticed solar panels popping up on your neighbors’ roofs. While you probably know that solar panels can save you money on your monthly energy bills, we bet you didn’t know some of the facts below. Here’s why you should get solar panels:

1. Solar panels dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s a fact: Burning fossil fuels harm the environment. Sure, fossil fuels are a reliable energy source that has been around for hundreds of years, but we’re depleting the sources at an alarming rate. Even if you’re not the type of person who purchases environmentally-friendly house cleaners or clothes made using sustainable practices, you should really consider decreasing your dependency on fossil fuels.

Did you know that one solar panel system can reduce 3 to 4 tons of carbon emissions every year? That’s like planting 100 trees to clean the air.

2. Solar panels are a smart investment.

We get it. Instant gratification gets us most excited. It’s why people invest millions in the stock market. It’s thrilling to see your investment grow so quickly, but you only see gains of around 7%. While we don’t recommend you dumping your retirement fun into solar panels, installing solar panels on your home gives you a 20% return on investment (ROI) in the first year. If you have a little extra discretionary income and you’re looking for a smart investment, make your home more energy-efficient with solar panels. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Installing solar panels increases your home’s value by thousands of dollars.

3. Cash in on government incentives for solar panels.

Think of government solar incentives like the pizza party your middle school class would win when you brought in the most cans for a food drive. It’s that little extra push that drives you to accomplish a goal. And while pizza parties are no light matter, you might find yourself enjoying digging into government savings a little bit more. Check out energy.gov to learn more about current government incentives.

4. Solar panels help keep your finances in order.

Life tends to throw a curveball when you least expect it – an expensive car repair, your spouse losing his or her job, and so on. The majority of people who install solar panels on their homes are concerned with saving money on their monthly electricity bills. But what most people don’t know is that solar energy prices are actually extremely predictable. Unlike traditional energy formed from burning fossil fuels, solar energy prices are very stable. Homeowners are able to predict how much energy their solar panels will create, how much their solar loans are, and if they’ll need to purchase any additional electricity. This allows homeowners to plan their finances smarter and are prepared for any difficult (read: expensive) situations Life decides to throw their way.

5. Going solar boosts the economy.

Wait, don’t you do that anyways on your weekly trip to the grocery store? The government backs solar power so strongly because it’s helping boost the American economy. For one thing, it helps create thousands of jobs around the country. More than 2.7 million Americans are employed in the renewable energy industry. Another reason why the government believes so strongly in using an alternative energy source is because we use more fossil fuels than we create. Instead of spending billions of dollars on oil every year or depleting our own small reserves, we should focus on renewable energy sources.

6. You can still take advantage of the SREC program!

While tax incentives are great to help pay for your solar system, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) are what make your monthly energy bill much lower. On April 8th, 2016, the Massachusetts government extended its SREC-II program. All solar panel systems installed by January 8th, 2017 will be eligible for the program, slated to end in 2027. That means you can take advantage of savings (and potentially earnings) for over a decade! Through the SREC program, you have the ability to make money from your solar system.

Installing solar panels to your home is a breeze. Contact Energy Monster today to schedule your free solar consultation and get started with your solar project.

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