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6 Home Automation Ideas for a More Comfortable Home

home automation ideas

home automation ideas

A few decades ago, home automation for comfort and energy efficiency meant programming yourself to get in the habit of automatically turning off lights and adjusting the thermostat before bed. Today’s homeowners have many options that make automation easy–and require a lot less memory from the homeowner! Here are our favorite home automation ideas for a more comfortable home.

#1. Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Take control of your home’s lighting in ways you never dreamed possible–from setting the mood with colored lighting to implementing personal routines that turn lights off, on, or dimmed according to your schedule using your smartphone. Have an unpredictable schedule? Philips Hue lighting can even detect when you’re coming and going and use local weather information to adjust the lighting automatically. Plus, Hue bulbs are super-efficient LEDs so you’ll start saving on your electricity bills right away.

#2. WiFi Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats have been saving homeowners on their heating and cooling bills for a long time. The latest generations of programmable thermostats offer interaction with your smartphone using WiFi, and some models even learn your routines and behaviors for maximum efficiency. For example, the Nest thermostat starts learning about you and your family as soon as it’s installed and claims that you’ll be able to stop interacting with it entirely after a short time. You can even get customized reports with the mobile app so you can see how much you’re saving!

#3. Remote Controlled Home Shades

Keeping your home comfortable while minimizing heating and cooling costs becomes easier with automated, programmable home shades. Use your smartphone for personal programming or allow shades to work automatically using an astronomic time clock to determine when to let the sun in for warmth, when to provide shading on hot days, or when to close the home up for maximum insulation. When it comes to unique home automation ideas, this makes the top of the list and is particularly useful for homeowners with many windows or difficult-to-reach windows.

#4. Automated Home Sprinkler System

Much like programmable thermostats, homeowners have been using smart sprinkler systems for many years to keep their lawns and gardens in top shape without wasting too much water. Today’s smart systems are more intuitive than ever before, and the latest models offer apps for your smartphone for simple operation. Most models offer individually controlled zones. They use WiFi to check the forecast and make sure you’re not watering on a rainy day. Advanced systems will forecast for several days and adjust the watering schedule accordingly. Some can integrate with other devices like Amazon Echo, Nest, and others.

#5. Smart Home Power Plug

For homeowners that are looking for simple or unique home automation ideas, try a smart power plug like the Belkin WeMo. Simply pop it into a power outlet and plug in your device to get remote power control, programmability, and integration with devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Some use ideas include plugging in a lamp and programming the switch to come on at sunset and off at sunrise or when it detects motion. Or, limit power to certain time periods to keep kids on track. You can also get notifications of the switch’s use along with custom reports delivered to your smartphone.

#6. Ductless Mini-Split Heating and Cooling

As the name implies, you can add efficient heating and cooling options for your home without losing closet space or lowering your ceiling to accommodate ductwork! Mini-splits allow you to add as many units as you need to control the temperature by room, and you only heat or cool rooms that are in use to save money. What’s more, you don’t have to trek down the hall or trudge down the stairs to adjust the thermostat. Instead, use the remote control for that room’s unit for instant comfort.

You can even go with a fully-automated ductless mini-split model that allows you to control your unit system from your smartphone, tablet, or PC whether you’re inside the home or away. Use smart scheduling options to automatically adjust your room temperature when you’re on your way home from work and remotely manage that schedule if you’re running late or have guests in the home.

Personalized, Efficient Home Automation Ideas

Take control of your home’s heating, cooling, and energy costs with home automation ideas that make it easier than ever to stay comfortable without breaking the budget. To learn more about saving with a ductless mini-split system, request your free consultation from Energy Monster today!

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