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5 Quick Tips for How to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

how to keep home warm in winter

how to keep home warm in winter

Do you find yourself shivering your way through winter? You may think that, with spring just around the corner, it’s too late to winterize your home. But this is New England, and that means there is probably still plenty of winter left. Don’t suffer in the cold any longer; learn how to keep your home and family warm with these tricks.

How to Keep Your New England Home Warm in Winter

1. Weatherproof your doors and windows.

While you may be spending big money to heat your home, air leaks in your doors and windows may be sending that warm air straight outside. You’re not paying to heat the neighborhood, so do yourself a favor and weatherproof! You can do this yourself with some caulking and weatherstripping, or you can hire a professional. Get rid of small leaks in order to keep your home warm all season long.

Bonus Reading: Download our free weatherization guide for 30+ helpful winter energy saving tips.

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2. Be an insulation investigator.

Proper insulation is a must, especially in the winter. How can you tell whether your home has an insulation problem? Look for clues, such as:

  • Ice dams,
  • Cracks and water damage in your walls, and
  • The occasional frost quake.

But don’t get in over your head. If you think you have an insulation problem, call a professional. An Energy Monster technician can help you to understand where your home needs insulation, how much you need, and what kind to get. They can help you to understand the costs of installation, and they can do the work for you.

3. Ensure that your furnace is properly maintained.

There’s nothing worse than a furnace that can’t keep you warm on a cold day. Furnaces need attention and maintenance in order to function well. Be proactive, and make sure that your furnace is always doing its best with the following recommendations:

  • Clean your furnace at least once a year. Turn it off and use a vacuum to suck up most of the dust.
  • Some parts cannot be vacuumed. For these, use a damp cloth.
  • Pay special attention to the filter system; clean it once a month, and consider replacing it when it is clogged.
  • Check the belts for cracks so that you can replace them before they become a problem.

4. Come into the future with a programmable thermostat.

We all know one or two people who are happy to say that they don’t turn on the heat until the temperature reaches below zero. These people are proud of themselves for braving the cold to save some money. And, hey, who can really blame them?

The average Massachusetts homeowner can spend upwards of $2,100 to heat their home during the winter. Source: Mass.gov

Yet, there has to be a balance between braving subzero temperatures in your living room and being the hottest spot in the neighborhood! Look into installing a programmable thermostat. With these “smart” devices, you can ensure not only that the heat is off when no one is home to use it, but also that it turns on in time for you to come home to a warm house. You’ll save energy costs and improve your home’s comfort by keeping the heat on only while you need it.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Not sure where to start? Keeping your home warm and saving energy can seem like a tall order. If you feel like you need someone else on your team, schedule a no-cost home energy assessment with Energy Monster today. An energy adviser will:

  • Come to your home and do a complete inspection
  • Perform tests to understand where you are losing energy and heat
  • Make recommendations on how to seal air leaking from nooks, crannies, and ducts
  • Educate you on Mass Save rebates that you can take advantage of and help you qualify/apply for them
  • Should you choose to move forward with air sealing and insulation updates, we can do the work for you in-house.

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